Yet another news story about raw milk kingpin, aka Amish farmer, Dan Allgyer

From Jeremy Roebuck, The Philadelphia Inquirer, via The Cornucopia Institute:

PHILADELPHIA — In the predawn fog of an April morning last year, armed federal agents fanned out across darkened Lancaster County, Pa., pastures in search of contraband.

Months of investigation had led to this point. Strong evidence suggested that Rainbow Acres — a small Amish farm just outside Kinzers — served as the hub of a large-scale smuggling operation responsible for shipping hundreds of gallons of illicit product across state lines.

After sweeping past dozing cattle and roosters waiting to crow, the agents finally found what they had come for: dozens of coolers filled with unpasteurized milk.

That 2010 raid resulted in civil sanctions filed in April against farm owner Daniel Allgyer. But the case has also fueled a growing debate between the federal government and the estimated 9 million American consumers of a product they call “raw milk.”

Since 2006, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has stepped up enforcement against dairy farmers whose product, the agency says, poses a significant risk to public health. And Pennsylvania — the country’s fifth-largest dairy producer and home to many traditional Amish and Mennonite farms — has become a flash point for the conflict. But for raw milk devotees, Allgyer — who declined to be interviewed for this article — is just the latest farmer to fall victim to a federal law that they say doesn’t make sense in today’s world.

“He is being treated as if he were a drug lord,” said Jonathan Emord, a lawyer representing Allgyer’s customers in Maryland. “This is fresh milk we’re talking about.”…”


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3 responses to “Yet another news story about raw milk kingpin, aka Amish farmer, Dan Allgyer

  1. Royce Hamer

    Keep up the fight good people and the evil empire will crumble, no one has the right to tell you what you can eat or drink for nourishment. The gov. states that it is a public health hazard–BS since when is it that a few persons making a choice to eat or drink a natural product a public health risk. No one is forcing the masses to consume the product it is a personal choice and so it should be. Nothing else.The problem is Government Corruption.

  2. fighting mad, mad as hell

    I agree, the feds are wrong, but they have an agenda to push and we are holding up their progress. The can’t let us win, can’t let us stop them from forcing us to eat and drink approved crap. We must obey, how else will Huxley’s Brave New World evolve and sort us out into Alpha, Betas, and retarded Gammas?

  3. pampilhosa

    We have to remember that the fda and the medical system are working together. They DO NOT want healthy people, a healthy person is a lost customer. They are slowly trying to ban everything that is healthy for humans, hasn’t anybody noticed it ??? Why they do not ban mcdonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken and similar types of restaurants, potato chips, beverages like coke, pepsi, 7up and similar drinks? People may say that they taste good, but they destroy your health ina such way, you take years to recover, if you ever do. This is just to wright down a very very short list. If people KNEW how UNHEALTHY those thing are, those companies would go bankrupt over night. The feds and the government are so stupid or simply working for them.

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