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James Beard award winning doc on raw milk and Michael Schmidt, “Milk War”, is screening in New York on June 19th


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Farmageddon movie is opening this summer: Washington, New York, L.A.

Publicist Kimberly Hartke promotes the new movie "Farmageddon" at falls church farmers market. Click image to go to the movie's website to watch the trailer and learn more.

Farmageddon…The Unseen War on American Family Farms is playing in: Continue reading


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Amish hate us for our pasteurized milk

From Karen de Coster on Lew Rockwell.com:

Note: Video above not directly related to the story.

“The government’s war on raw milk is not only a war on freedom, but it is also a jihad against that old-fashioned (and very obsolete) notion that your health is your responsibility. The state does not want its subjects to be self-sufficient, self-educated, and gaining power through knowledge. Because knowledge is power – the power to question conventional wisdom and reject conformity is a blessed thing for individuals and society, but it is a menace to the authoritarians and conformists. Continue reading


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