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Human life in the grip of mad scientists

From Barbara H. Peterson, at Farm Wars blog:


“In what should amount to a wildly imaginative narrative created by an overzealous science fiction aficionado, the following agencies, their connections, and past actions are real, none-the-less. Continue reading


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Cow (and goat) share tele-seminar from Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund

Farm-to-Consumer Foundation  Presents 

Special Open Forum Teleseminar  — Cow/Goat Shares 104

Thursday – June 16, 2010

Join us by phone from the convenience of your home!

Live in a different time zone?  Click here for Your Time.

1:00-2:30 p.m. Eastern Continue reading

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How we have ruined the tomato

From Adele Melander-Dayton, writing for Salon.com:

The plump red fruit has become a symbol of everything that’s wrong with modern agriculture.

“Americans love tomatoes. As our second-most-popular produce item, we’re accustomed to the sight of them: plump and bright red, marble to soft-ball sized, and piled in abundance year-round in the refrigerated fruit and vegetable aisle of the grocery store. Many of us eat tomatoes every day: if not au natural, in ketchup, salsa, or marinara sauce.

Yet our favorite fruit may not be quite as innocuous and delicious as it appears. In his new book “Tomatoland: How Modern Industrial Agriculture Destroyed Our Most Alluring Fruit,” journalist Barry Estabrook writes the biography of the modern tomato, revealing the environmental and human costs of big agribusiness. Estabrook traces the history of the tomato from the wild tomato berries that once grew in abundance in the rocky foothills of the Andes to the most familiar salad staple on the planet. A true tomato devotee, Estabrook explains why our love for tomatoes is hurting not only field workers and the environment, but our taste buds, too. Continue reading

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“How will you fight for raw milk?” — asks Kristen, at Food Renegade blog

From Kristen M at Food Renegade blog:

“Last week, Obama’s food safety chief Michael R. Taylor defended the recent FDA raids against raw milk producers, even when none of the milk is actually contaminated with pathogens. He said that such sting operations were based on a “public health duty” and “statutory directive.” In other words, the FDA believes that all raw milk is dangerous and bad for you, and they’re going to do everything in their power to keep you from getting your hands on it.

Not surprisingly, the recent food safety legislation passed through congress will empower the FDA to do just that. Continue reading

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