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The raw politics of raw milk in Ontario

Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt outside the courtroom in Newmarket immediately after his January 2010 acquittal on all 19 raw milk related charges, with supporters MPP Randy Hillier on his right and ex-Landowner Association president Jack McLaren on his left. The Province has since appealed that acquittal, and the outcome of the appeal is to be made public on September 16th.

We’ve just heard that the outcome of the Province’s appeal of Michael Schmidt’s acquittal on raw milk charges will be announced September 16th, instead of July 8th. Come September people will be back from their vacations and paying more attention to the news. And, as y’all may know, there’s gonna be an Ontario election in early October.

And as we also know, the current Ontario government — who are behind this appeal of Michael Schmidt’s acquittal — have been none too receptive to a private members bill to study the issues around raw milk (2006). In fact most government MPPs didn’t even show up for the discussion of the bill. In fact many cow share members and supporters were in the visitors’ gallery bearing witness to the fact that they didn’t deign to pop into the legislative chamber until the vote was called, on that cold winter day at Queen’s Park almost five years ago. Continue reading

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