“Film exposes government raids on small farms” — Washington Times review of Farmageddon movie

From Jessica Claire Haney in the Washington Times:

Official movie poster for Farmageddon.

“WASHINGTON, June 18, 2011 – Slow Food D.C. hosted the world premiere yesterday of the documentary film Farmageddon: The Unseen War on American Family Farms for an enthusiastic, sold-out crowd. The film, directed by Kristin Canty, tells the story of several family farms that were raided by the FDA and the USDA at great taxpayer expense for questionable reasons.

A mother of four, Canty undertook the project upon being met with disbelief when she talked about raids on small farms. “I told everybody,” she said, “but no one would listen.” Since people didn’t believe that the federal government would spend so much money and time to try to limit consumers’ choices and put small farms out of business through raids, Canty felt compelled to shed light on the issue.

I didn’t want to make a movie; I’ve got four kids!” she told the audience at a panel discussion after the 7 p.m. Friday screening. Because small farms and local food had become so important to Canty’s family, she got involved in the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund before embarking on the documentary. She wanted to get the word out about the struggles for small farms to survive in a system that is designed to benefit large industrial farming, or agribusiness.

Canty came to understand the power of healthy food when her son’s severe allergies and health problems were healed on a diet that included raw milk.  “Charlie was allergic to the world,” Canty said of her then-four-year-old. Now 16 and thriving, Charlie once suffered from asthma and a hearing impairment because of fluid buildup, and he was not growing well. When conventional medicine failed to help, Canty researched alternative therapies. “Charlie was completely healed by raw milk,” Canty said.

The film shows federal officials seizing tens of thousands of dollars of legally produced raw milk products from a Mennonite farmer and forcing another farmer to pour out the raw milk his consumers had already purchased. The film and the panel discussion raised the question of the why the federal government would spend so much time and money on small local producers who use sustainable agricultural practices and sell direct to consumers. By contrast, large farms are not required to disclose the chemicals they use, are allowed to grow chickens who live their whole lives in small spaces, and are allowed to plant genetically modified crops that cross-pollinate with organic crops.

One of the farmers profiled in the movie and on the panel following the screening was Linda Faillace, who has documented in her book Mad Sheep: The True Story Behind the USDA’s War on a Family Farm. The sheep farm she ran with her husband and children raided and their herd removed and slaughtered under suspicion of mad cow disease, a disease that has never affected sheep….”

Read it all in the Washington Times.


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One response to ““Film exposes government raids on small farms” — Washington Times review of Farmageddon movie

  1. The People need to know why their food supply is in danger. And that the End of Food, real food is near. And that unless we hold the line and at the same time push back, this freedom will be gone. The freedom to grow and eat naturally. It is for sure that we need to go against what the Retail Revolution looks like; when large grocery companies leverage their size and market share to seize control of the supply chain and launch a low-cost, high-volume model that changes not just food production but food itself. Industrialism has brought incredible benefits but new dangers as well: the easier transmission of diseases, a vulnerability to rising energy costs, and a growing competition among a handful of superpowers – the United States, Brazil, China, and europe – for access to agriculture production. The farms in our own countries, if run naturally, can and will provide the best foods and enough food.

    This news, I believe in. It comes from authors of books like, “The End of Food” by Paul Roberts. Books like “Genetic Roulette” by Jeffrey Smith, the expert on GMO’s. The Raw Milk Revolution by David Gumpert. These people worked tirelessly and with virtue to bring us this news, the facts. It is time for consumers, politicians, farmers, farmland and agriculture to work the land again as it was designed to be farmed. To support the land and sea, all earth; in ways that nature intended it to be for all plant and animal kingdoms.

    We all must do something to reach the core of this. That core is the soil, the farms, the foods, the animal life. All must be treated the way God has intended them to be treated. All must be handled with great care and love and respect. We must all be intelligent consumers with class (read some of Paul Fussell’s book about Class. It is not about the money. It is about who you are inside.). We must be a part of the solution and not just talking about it or pointing the finger at someone else. Only to be frustrated, sad, and with anxiety other forms of stress. Think about our children. They now know what we never knew at their ages. Help them to make the world a better place to live.

    I for one, did not become a Milkman because I thought it was a great job or that it would make me wealthy, monetarily. I am one of many Milkmen in an emerging market for better ways to sell, market, and distribute farm fresh foods. Creating more of a demand for the real farm foods and not commercial farms and foods. Delivering right to the consumer. And because I think it can and will make a difference if there are one and more milkmen in every town delivering from local farms to the consumer. Creating more demand for farm fresh foods and helping the local farms to grow and do more than just survive. Farmer’s markets are good and so are CSA’s but they are not enough. The Milkman can help. The hope is also to start more raw milk dairies like Organic Pastures in California. This can also help. This can bring back dairy farms. The other farm fresh foods will also come into the picture of course. Vegetables, fruits, meats. And Spring water. natural springs must be preserved and managed properly.

    For now, I leave you with some words from a 1939 Yearbook of Agriculture from the United States Department of Agriculture called Food and Life. At this time, the book was for sale from the Superintendent of Documents, Washington, D.C. . The price for this book, this document was $1.50. The following Foreword is from this book and written by Henry A. Wallace, Secretary of Agriculture for the United States of America in 1939. United States Government Printing Office, 76th Congress, 1st Session………. House Document No. 28.

    The Secretary of Agriculture said, “Of all the sciences and arts one of the greatest is the feeding of animals and human beings. Forty years ago scientists thought the problem was simple – discover the needs for protein, fats, carbohydrates, and a few minerals, analyze the foods for these substances, and then blend the foods as to furnish an adequate supply of each. Today we know that there is much more to it than this. The old science is still fundamental, but the new science is continually adding to it knowledge of a whole array of substances – minerals, vitamins, amino acids – needed by the body.”

    The author goes on to say, “In ordinary diets, both animals and human, that contain a wide variety of natural foods, most of the essential substances are present in adequate quantities. But rather under certain conditions, when the choice of foods is limited, the diets customarily followed cause inefficiency, sickness, or even premature death. The lack of common-sense nutrition even among many well-to-do people in the United states is appalling. There are many kinds of “hidden hunger” which the experienced person can read in the faces and attitudes of the undernourished. Peaked faces, bowlegs, and shaky nervous systems are only a few of the manifestations.

    Two-thirds of this book deals with the nutrition of animals and only one-third with that of human beings; nevertheless, even the animal section contains much information of fundamental value with regard to human nutrition. The reverse is true too. The animal body and the human body are astonishingly alike in their reactions to the necessary substances in foods. The modern knowledge of human nutrition is based to a large extent on animal experimentation.

    Probably 99 percent of the children of the United States have heredity good enough to enable them to become productive workers and excellent citizens provided they are given the right kind of food, proper training, and ordinary opportunities. Fundamental to adequate training and decent opportunity is food. Fifty percent of the people in the United States do not get enough in the way of dairy products, fruits, and vegetables to enable them to enjoy full vigor and health, and a large number of them do not get enough because they cannot afford it. It is the duty of the farmers, the Government, the businessmen, and organized labor to cooperate to see that children of these people are better fed than their parents were.

    The part of this book which deals with human nutrition is an effort to discover a scientific basis for coordinated action along this line. The Department of Agriculture publishes the book realizing that the science of nutrition is still very incomplete and that much new, vital information is being discovered every year. But a comprehensive knowledge of nutrition is far from widespread. We feel that is is wise to publish this book, in spite of its shortcomings, because it is comprehensive. It shows that the human being and the animal have fundamentally the same needs. People as well as animals must be well fed if they are to do their best and give their best.”

    Now think about what the Secretary of Agriculture from 1939 believed in and wrote about. Compare it to what the Department of Agriculture stands for today and how they go about “working” with us. Think about this and reply here if you will, please.

    Does it not seem that the time has come for us to cooperate? Is it not time for us to come to our call to duty? So that yourselves and your children live a healthier life. Instead, we have become victims of corrupt business people and those in any service relative to food and agriculture who do not abide by and respect natural laws, God, and the way food was intended to be; Organic.

    We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

    In America, the people are sovereign. The people create the government, outline its structure, indicate its powers and duties, and restrict how those powers can be exercised. It is not in reverse. we should not have to be told by them what we can and cannot do when it comes to our Liberties. The right way is through and by our Constitution and under God, with liberty and justice for all. They have done this through the Constitution of the United States, which establishes the fundamental law of the land.

    Please, when you can, go to the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia. Philadelphia and this area would also be a very good place to rally for Raw Milk and to show this film. we are ready here in Connecticut to start showing this film.

    I am a milkman. A ram milk milkman. The only raw milkman delivery service in the State of Connecticut. If you will come and join me, I can teach you how we can achieve food sovereignty and more. You may contact me for more information by email. To: themilkmancompany@earthlink.net. Thank you.

    The Milkman is Back! And so is the Raw Milk Milkman!
    God Blessed America.

    Thank you.

    Ed Hartz
    The Raw Milk Milkman
    & Milkmen USA

    I suggest those who do understand this, or do not believe or abide by this way; better go to The National Constitution Center in Philadelphia. – Ed Hartz

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