Monsanto’s leading activist has a tough job battling the raw milk insurgency and promoting the GMO gospel

From Brandon Turbeville, writing for the Activist Post:

“In recent months there have been many articles dealing with the intensification of the war on milk launched by the FDA. (See here and here. Also here.) I myself, have written articles explaining the dangers of corporate control of the dairy industry and the specific health concerns related to the use of antibiotics and rBGH in the production of milk.

In my book, Codex Alimentarius – The End of Health Freedom, I detail these health problems as well as the events surrounding the FDA’s compliance with Monsanto’s wishes regarding the use of rBGH in dairy products. Of course, governmental compliance with corporate wishes is not surprising considering the fact that the ranks of the FDA are filled with former Monsanto employees and affiliates and that there exists a virtual revolving door between the agency and the corporation.

Nevertheless, if one wishes to get an idea of the role Monsanto plays in the decisions regarding our food supply, Marie Monique-Robin’s documentary The World According to Monsanto is an excellent place to start. So is Jeffrey Smith’s book Seeds of Deception. The information is readily available to anyone who wishes to engage themselves in even basic cursory research.
Many of these resources will shed light on how we have come so far down the road of corporate control of the food supply and how small farmers and raw milk producers went from being the majority suppliers of dairy products to a persecuted minority who now face the threat of armed SWAT teams and FDA raids. We have come a long way in a short period of time and the speed by which corporate food fascism marches forward is increasing with every day.

It is true that people live and die, but organizations and their agendas continue on. It is also true that many who have walked through the revolving door between multinational corporations like Monsanto and the FDA are no longer with us, at least in the national spotlight. However, there are a few names that continue to appear in the headlines many years after the first attempts at forcing unhealthy and toxic milk products on the public were made.

Indeed, if the new FDA policy on dairy production can be considered a war on milk, then Michael R. Taylor can be considered a veteran. And a highly decorated one at that.

Michael Taylor actually began his career as a lawyer with the FDA in 1976. In 1981, he accepted a position in the law firm King and Spalding where one of his clients was Monsanto. It was discovered that, while he worked for King & Spalding, he drafted a memo regarding the Constitutionality of the state’s ability to create laws regulating the labeling of rBGH. The memo that Taylor had written was part of a much larger discussion by Monsanto and its attorneys as to whether or not the corporation could successfully sue those states and companies who labeled or allowed their products to be labeled as “rBGH-Free.” Taylor’s representation, along with the rest of his law firm, was indispensable to Monsanto and soon the corporation began suing dairies that labeled their products as free from genetically modified hormones.

In 1991, Taylor left King & Spalding (or should I say Monsanto) and returned to the FDA where he would “serve” as Deputy Commissioner of Policy. In this position Taylor oversaw and helped draft the FDA’s guidelines regarding the labeling of rBGH. Not surprisingly, Taylor’s office saw no difference between milk produced with rBGH and milk produced without it, and therefore concluded that there was no reason to include the use of rBGH on the label. As a result of the ensuing controversy, dairies all over the country began marketing the milk they produced without rBGH as “rBGH – Free,” and other similar statements. Thus, in 1994, Taylor drafted FDA guidelines that prevented dairies from labeling their milk as “rBGH – Free” without being accompanied by lengthy statements claiming that the FDA does not see any difference between the rBGH-produced milk and the rBGH-free milk.

Taylor is also known for his significant contributions to the literal support given to the multinational conglomerates that were pushing for approval of genetically modified organisms and other forms of biotechnology. Specifically, he was and still is an advocate for the Orwellian named “Green Revolution” in Africa. For those who are unaware, the Rockefeller Foundation funded Green Revolutions in Asia and Latin America with devastating results, particularly in India. The Rockefeller Foundation has now teamed up with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in an effort to unleash the same agricultural destruction in Africa….”

Taylor is openly in favor of launching a Green Revolution in Africa. Indeed, he is quoted as saying, “I’m still frustrated over the fact that the Green Revolution we introduced into India in the 60’s, we haven’t yet introduced into Africa in 2009.”

In his paper, “American Patent Policy, Biotechnology, and African Agriculture: The Case for Policy Change, written in 2003, Taylor states, “The Green Revolution largely bypassed sub-Saharan Africa. African farmers often face difficult growing conditions, and better access to the basic Green Revolution tools of fertilizer, pesticides, improved seeds, and irrigation certainly can play an important role in improving their productivity.” …”

Read it all on The Activist Post, and watch the movie — “The World According to Monsanto”.


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2 responses to “Monsanto’s leading activist has a tough job battling the raw milk insurgency and promoting the GMO gospel

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  2. Bravo! Well done! Here is my morning take on all this and related issues.
    Let’s get this GMO labeling and GE out of our food done through all working together.

    In friendship,
    Leslie Goldman
    Plant Your Dream Blog

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