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Goodbye to the 4th raw milk blue bus

From Michael Schmidt: 

For the last time this blue bus made it's trip to The city. Photo with Michael and Elise.

Next week a new, 5th Blue Bus generation will start it’s service to provide fresh milk to the share members. Almost every four years we usually can use the bus then it falls apart and gets tired of it’s service.

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C. difficile outbreak in Ontario kills 16

From CBC news:

“Another patient linked to a C. difficile outbreak in Ontario’s Niagara Region has died, bringing the total number of deaths in recent weeks to 16.

The deaths have been reported at three hospitals in the region in recent weeks: four at the Greater Niagara General Hospital, 10 at St. Catharines General Hospital and two at the Welland Hospital.

“We truly recognize the loss that the family and friends of this patient are experiencing and on behalf of our staff and physicians we extend our sincere condolences,” Dr. Joanna Hope, interim chief of staff for the Niagara Health System, said in a release Monday acknowledging the death of the 10th patient at St. Catharines General. Continue reading


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Learning from how Cuba’s farming adapted to the end of Soviet support

From Russ, on his “Volatility” blog:

“Cuba’s “Special Period” has been the time since the collapse of the Soviet Union forced it upon the path of food self-sufficiency with minimal fossil fuel inputs.

Cuba had previously exported sugar and other products to the USSR in exchange for heavily subsidized oil (the USSR carried Cuba for political reasons). Cuba responded by adhering to the Stalinist/Green Revolution corporate agricultural model of commodified monoculture, its production maximized by heavy fossil fuel inputs.

Now the oil binge was over. There would be no more cash crop exports in return for oil and heavy machinery. Cuba had to figure out how to feed itself without oil or starve. Continue reading

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