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Cowshare member and raw milk skeptic shares his, or her, raw milk ruminations

From a recent post on The Cornelioid:

“I’m a member of a cow share and receive a quart of raw milk per week, at a rate of about $3.19 / quart. Moreover, i’m a proud but insufficiently-informed foodie, and given that this community seems exceptionally susceptible to woo i feel obliged as much to the movement as to myself to understand the issues as best i can.

In this first flirt with the raw milk debacle i’m attempting only to clear a space for the relevant evidence i hope to find in the future. (I can’t quite call this ongoing exchange a “debate” while keeping a straight face, but that has more to do with its similarity to other so-called debates than with any certainty on my part.) Continue reading


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Private groups last chance for raw milk?

From David E. Gumpert, on the Complete Patient blog:

“If we lose the right to organize private organizations to share food, then the food rights war war will be over sooner than you can say “raw milk.”

Why? Because the food regulators and politicians have full control of the public realm, and are gaining more with each passing day–the Food Safety Modernization Act gives the U.S. Food and Drug Administration absolute power over much of the food supply. (As we know, absolute power corrupts absolutely.)

Without a private realm, there is nowhere else to turn. Oh, wait, there is one last realm they can go after: the right to raise your own food. They might leave that alone, as if to be able to argue that they respect private rights. But then again, they may not. If the food bullies are able to bowl over herdshares and food clubs, they may decide that they’re having too much fun. Continue reading


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