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New raw milk blue bus is being made

This just in from raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt:

Michael Schmidt (in the middle) with the painting crew Pat and Jeff. The new blue bus begins to emerge. What a team. Will we see the new blue bus this Tuesday down in Richmond Hill?


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Two raw milks and the Wisconsin case

From David E. Gumpert, on the Complete Patient blog:

“It’s becoming clear that the Wisconsin campylobacter outbreak a few weeks back, triggered by tainted unpasteurized milk from a commercial dairy, has created a dilemma for the food safety ideologues.

These are the people in the regulatory, health, and legal communities who argue that raw milk is inherently unsafe.  These ideologues don’t want to acknowledge that there are two raw milks in America–the raw milk turned out by the CAFOs, usually under terribly unsanitary conditions and at significant risk for containing pathogens, and the raw milk turned out by dairies committed to producing safe unpasteurized milk sold directly to consumers. Continue reading

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