New raw milk blue bus is being made

This just in from raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt:

Michael Schmidt (in the middle) with the painting crew Pat and Jeff. The new blue bus begins to emerge. What a team. Will we see the new blue bus this Tuesday down in Richmond Hill?



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2 responses to “New raw milk blue bus is being made

  1. It is nice to see progress. The Blue Bus idea and service would go well here in Fairfield County, Connecticut. People are tired and fed up with all the food supply scams of the past 70 years or so. Drink Spring water and not Cocoa Cola. Drink Raw Milk and get a Milkman to deliver.

    Milkmen USA

  2. I forgot to mention. Coca Cola, Pepsi, and the like are actually paying merchants not to stock other brands. If a merchant wants to stock and sell a smaller company with better quality beverages, these companies are paying the merchant $3,500 or more not to stock other brands. I did not know this until just the other day, I was at a retail merchant location, a Pizza Parlor. While I was there talking with the owner, in walk 3 young people in their twenties putting up Coke signs on the Coca Cola refrigerator. The owner telling me that they pay him to stock only their products. When I said to the young people; “how can young people like yourselves who believe in natural and a better world be working for a company like this and doing that, their manager about a few days older than them said, “we have other good products, look at the tea.” I had to laugh. The new trainees just gazed at me in awe and amazement. As if to say, “I am only here for the paycheck.” And “yes, you are right but we cannot say anything.”

    So, we wonder why good foods cannot get a chance. Here is just one reason why. These soda companies made so much money in the 1940’s thru 80’s and even 90’s, that know they have millions to hand out in bribes and other schemes. That is here in the North America region. Meanwhile these large companies including Monsanto are taking their crap to other countries overseas. while starting to lose ground here because the people finally did wake up.

    This is why I said, Go direct. Go to the Milkman. He can deliver. There are serious problems with the distribution and marketing systems for organic and other fine foods. Using a direct marketing company or service like The Milkman can get farm fresh foods and raw milk to the consumer. And safely. And with a good connection and at a lower cost to you, the producers. Think about it. If you want to invest in this, call us. We can help you.

    This is why we love The Blue Bus. Take it to The People. Direct.

    And the Farmer’s markets here are turning out not to be a great deal either for the producer. If you look real closely at the American model for Farmer’s Markets, you will see signs that those are being controlled too. And now, they are trying one step further and controlling food-hubs. Do the research. It is all there, clear as can be.

    Milkmen USA

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