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Radioactive rain falls in B.C. on June 16

In response to silence from government and the media, here’s citizen science:

Lake Louise:

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What do raw milk and lemonade have in common? — gov’t over-regulation!

From Tiffany Gabbay, on The Blaze.com:

This story was all over the internet yesterday and today it’s even in the Toronto Star. Here’s the scoop:

“MIDWAY, Ga. (AP/The Blaze) — Police in Georgia have shut down a lemonade stand run by three girls trying to save up for a trip to a water park, saying they didn’t have a business license or the required permits. Continue reading


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The “Milkman” — an agent for change

From Kimberly Hartke, on her “Hartke is Online” blog:

The Milkman -- moving milk from pasture to porch. Photo via Kimberly Hartke

“I remember the milkman. Most of you maybe are too young to have such a memory. Every week, he delivered fresh milk, cream, cottage cheese to an insulated metal container on our back porch (placed there because it was the shady side of the house). He was a direct connect between us and the producer.

Excited, we would run to greet the milkman. We loved the products he brought and his nice smile. He would have a lively chat with my mom, tell her about new products and take her order for the next week. Continue reading


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