Decision on the Province’s appeal of Michael Schmidt raw milk acquittal has now been postponed til September 16th

From Don Crosby at the Owen Sound Sun Times:

“Raw milk crusader Michael Schmidt will have to wait a couple of more months to find out whether a judge will overturn his acquittal on 19 charges related to selling and distributing raw milk.

In January 2010 Justice of the Peace Paul Kowarsky ruled in Newmarket that Schmidt’s cow-share program for raw milk consumers did not violate provincial regulations meant to protect public health.

Kowarsky found that under Schmidt’s program, consumers became “part owners” of his dairy cows, so the system complied with the province’s Health Protection and Promotion Act.

There are prohibitions on selling unpasteurized milk but farmers are allowed to drink unpasteurized milk from their own animals.

The decision was appealed by the province and the Grey Bruce Health Unit.

In April, lawyers for the Ministry of the Attorney General argued before a provincial court judge in Newmarket that Kowarsky was too narrow in his interpretation of the law.

Schmidt’s lawyer argued that the fight isn’t about raw milk but respect for individual choices under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The judge was to release his ruling on July 4.

Schmidt said on Wednesday that that he was told the judge was overworked and did not enough time to write his decisions.

The decision has been adjourned until Sept. 16.”

Those of you who’ve been following this story on the Bovine will no doubt have heard the above news already by now, but since the Owen Sound Sun Times just printed it again we thought we’d run this as a reminder for anyone who didn’t already know.


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7 responses to “Decision on the Province’s appeal of Michael Schmidt raw milk acquittal has now been postponed til September 16th

  1. Judith McGill

    cowards all of them

  2. When are the people going to get upset enough to really address this criminal government? Do you really think voting, or calling your congressman will make a difference? Get a clue.

    We need nullification resolutions in every town that guarantee us the right to contract with farmers. We need sheriffs and possee’s that will arrest agents of the USDA, FDA, and even State food goons that will not mind their own business.

    • the short answer to the above post by Joe in Missouri is ‘they’re not going to’.

      Joe strikes me as either an agent provocateur, or a rank begginer who has no understanding of how things are done in the Dominion of Canada … most likely the latter.

      Before you round up a dozen guys and ride off for a confrontation, Joe, I highly recommend doing your homework = study what happened to Gordon Kahl. … one of the noblest of them all
      the day for that kind of stuff is past … “now, it’s too late to start shooting the race traitors, and too soon to start hanging them”.

      • Canada? Well that explains it all. 🙂 You guys have voluntarily given up about every right known to man. You don’t even have a government you have royalty that corrects the bad children when they govern themselves incorrectly.

        BTW My suggestions were directed to Americans where there are still a handful of people that understand liberty.

  3. well said Joe.
    We are almost at the point of no return.
    Rising up to the bureaucratic dictatorship is long overdue.
    I am just amazed how complacent the majority still is when it comes to Governments ignorance of their role as public servants.

  4. Winifred

    In January 2010 Justice of the Peace Paul Kowarsky ruled that we could in fact we enter in to a private agreement/contract with a farmer, and legally acquire, as in this case, raw milk. That was clear and thoroughly set out in Kowarsky’s ruling. The Province appealed the decision, as would be expected. My question is, did the private contract issue remain at the crux of the appeal, and if not, why not? What exactly is the current judge ruling on.
    Thanks for all the continued good and honest efforts and work being done in the food and agricultural industry…including, of cours,e raw milk.

  5. Bernie Bailey

    Oh I do not think so fellows

    I was elected to the North Huron council and in six months I have held up this years budget by asking lots of questions and put a business plan forward based on what I see and heard so we could save a couple hundred thousand in taxes and for all my hard work the Reeve publicly denounced my intentions followed by four members of council voting in a motion to say that Bernie Bailey can not talk to department heads or staff until there is a code of conduct put in place for me.

    freedom of speech is alive and well.

    Yes I still talk to whom ever I want to and the support I have received from the town is overwhelming

    besides what are they going to do—-take the dairy from me

    Still one vote


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