New Gen 5 raw milk blue bus now in service on routes to Richmond Hill

From Michael Schmidt:

New blue bus (left) is painted New Holland blue while old blue bus (right) was Ford tractor blue.

5th generatiion blue bus on the left, 4th generation blue blus on the right.



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5 responses to “New Gen 5 raw milk blue bus now in service on routes to Richmond Hill

  1. WTF does this mean and what is it all about? Plu-leeeese tell us.

  2. thebovine

    The old bus was getting rusty and the mileage was getting up there.

    Another bus of the same age and brand was found in better shape with lower mileage for a good price.

    Thus the switcheroo from Gen 4 to Gen 5. There had been 3 previous blue busses apparently, though I remember only one previous bus. But then I probably haven’t been paying close enough attention.

  3. thebovine

    The blue bus is what Glencolton Farms uses to deliver milk and other food to their cowshare members in Richmond Hill.

  4. Ion

    How can I be enroled in this cowshare buing process?
    Where is the locations in Richmond Hill where blue bus is caming?
    Please replay me@
    Thank you.

  5. Stanley G. Belding

    Hi Michael Schmidt!
    Keep up the good fight for all Canadians so we will have the choice in this country to drink pure milk, real milk,”Raw Milk” or the unpasturized milk.
    I recently attended the Rally for Raw Milk advocate, Michael Schmidt in Owen Sound, Ontario in October 2011.
    From Stanley G. Belding
    Brampton, Ontario

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