How to protect yourself from radiation

From the Hella Delicious blog:

Fukushima Japan -- site of recent and probably continuing radiation release

I’m really worried about the levels of radiation and the situation in Japan. The sad thing is there are already high levels of radiation in our world–higher than they were ten years ago at any rate. They come from increased use of cellphones, wireless networks, electrical equipment, medical equipment and other things.

Over the past ten years or so, levels of radiation from the depleted uranium weapons used in massive amounts in Iraq and Afghanistan have dispersed into the atmosphere, into the earth and into our food. I finally clued into this when I was at the laundromat and heard the local TV station doing their best to ‘manage the panic’ the lady was poo-pooing the idea that anyone needed to be worried about the miniscule amounts of radiation from Fukushima and mentioned the amounts were about as much as a CT scan.

That gave me no comfort since I had just read an article discussing how we were on the verge of a cancer epidemic (aren’t we already in one?) as a result of overuse of CT scans.

Unfortunately, the mass media has a bad track record with informing the public of what is really happening when it comes to nuclear disasters. We have already seen this happen with Three Mile Island, Cherynobl, and even how safe living near nuclear plants really isn’t. Not only that but low levels of toxins are often just as bad for you as high levels (think about dioxins), so the arguments that are being thrown around to ‘manage the public’s panic’ are no comfort. I have posted a video at the end of this article which is an interview with Leuren Moret who is whistleblower about the dangers of radiation–check it out–pretty horrific stuff….

After my post about which foods are good to detoxify our bodies from radiation with a focus on miso, I decided to follow my own advice and start eating miso. Unfortunately being on the GAPS diet, miso is one of the foods we can’t eat–being made with soybeans and some kind of grain, usually rice or barley. I was hoping the fermentation process would have made it digestible for us, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case and my digestive issues started acting up again, so I had to find some other options…

I had a rough week last week, I will admit, I was sick Wednesday and Thursday and again on Saturday and Sunday. It really sets me back–I’m hypersensitive in general and my gut issues have made me even more so. I have noticed that having a damaged intestinal tract has made me extremely sensitive to industrial chemicals as well as electro-magnetic frequencies and radiation. For example when I was in really poor health I would get ringing in my ears which I don’t usually have, I also couldn’t handle being on cordless phones or cellphones. As a craniosacral therapist, I have also learned to tune in to frequencies we generally don’t notice. As a result I can’t help but wonder if I was picking up some of the radiation from the nuclear plants in Japan. I was out in the rain on Friday afternoon when reports of radiation were being charted in California. I used to like the rain but lately I am scared to go out in it….”

Read it all on Hella D’s blog.

What Radiation? — Radioactive rain falls in B.C. on June 16


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3 responses to “How to protect yourself from radiation

  1. I’m sympathetic to those who are concerned about either type of radiation, but please don’t confuse ionizing radiation (from nuclear contamination) with electromagnetic radiation (from radio transmitters and other electronic equipment). The two have very different effects and risk levels.

    Electromagnetic radiation has a small hint of harm, in that cell phone use is correlated with brain cancer in the area near the cell phone antenna. Lower intensity EMF radiation has no impact cited in scientific papers. Although “absence of proof is not proof of absence,” the lack of measurable correlation means it is probably a smaller concern than, say, driving an automobile, which most people would not be willing to give up for a bit of additional safety. EFF radiation is thought to be harmful in the heating effects imparted to living tissue, which is directly related to operating power and the square of distance. Stick your head in a running microwave oven, and you’re in trouble, but stand ten feet from one, and any heating effect is immeasurable.

    Compare this with ionizing radiation, which has a strong correlation with damage to living organisms. What’s more, in most cases, we’re concerned about nuclear contamination — particles that emit ionizing radiation that become incorporated into living tissue, such as iodine-131 being incorporated into your thyroid gland. Such contamination continuously bombards a small nearby area with high energy electrons, which can cause cellular damage. This is completely different than the localized heating effect caused by EMF radiation.

    I’m open to the idea that EMF radiation may have some biophysical effect through some mechanism that is currently unknown by science. But the correlation is low, compared to ionizing radiation, which science acknowledges.

    For example, if you are of “boomer” age or so, The American Cancer Society will estimate your increased risk of thyroid cancer, based upon where you lived and what type and how much milk you drank while atmospheric nuclear weapons testing was happening. At 55 years old, living in Southeast Michigan and drinking mostly home-farm goat milk, my risk of thyroid cancer has nearly doubled, from 1.2 per 1,000 to 2.1 per 1,000. There are no such correlations with simple EMF radiation.

  2. thebovine

    The Japanese people are monitoring radiation levels on their own; they’re not leaving it to the government to ensure their safety. See this story for details:

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