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Gag order placed on Rawsome accused

From Mike Adams at Natural News.com:

“(NaturalNews) Victoria Bloch was released from jail in LA County last night, but only under the condition that she completely give up her First Amendment rights and refrain from talking to anyone about the case. NaturalNews has confirmed this gag order was placed on Victoria and is also going to be placed on James Stewart and Sharon Palmer as a condition of their release (they are reportedly making bail today and may be home by this evening).

This gag order is, of course, an effort by the California court system to try to quell the rising tidal wave of public outrage against the armed government raids against a raw dairy farm and private buyer’s club — a raid that many people who witnessed it described, in their own words, as “government terrorism” against the People. Continue reading


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Is recent Rawsome raid the first raw milk case involving criminal charges?

From David E. Gumpert on the Complete Patient blog:

“Everyone seems to have an opinion on what the Rawesome situation represents, but it may be we’ll have to watch the legal proceedings unfold to fully understand what’s happening. Remember, the three people charged in connection with the Rawesome case are now in the criminal realm, which has important implications (aside from the fact that they’ve already been thrown in jail.)

This is the first criminal case involving food rights that I am aware of. Everything else has been in the civil arena, where the rules of evidence are less strict, and the stakes not as high. I read where James Stewart could potentially be looking at eight years in jail if convicted of all charges.   Continue reading


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While police are arresting people for supposed raw milk crimes at Rawsome

From Maryn McKenna on Wired:

Image from the story on Wired. Click picture to go to the Wired website.

As the scale of the nationwide outbreak of Salmonella Heidelberg started to sink in Thursday — along with the stunningly large recall of 36 million pounds of ground turkey, much of it probably already eaten — there were a number of moments that made a careful listener need to stop and just think. Continue reading

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They want to ban raw milk in England

From Rose Prince in The Telegraph (UK):

Click image above to go to The Telegraph UK website

“Those of us who choose to drink ”raw’’ milk are a tiny minority – barely more than 100,000 – so why is time and money being wasted trying to stop us?

The latest attempt is launched by Dairy UK, the association representing the producers and processors of 85 per cent of the milk sold in Britain. Dairy UK has demanded that the Food Standards Agency (FSA) ban the sale of unpasteurised milk, citing food safety and the “safe image of dairy products”. Continue reading

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