Is recent Rawsome raid the first raw milk case involving criminal charges?

From David E. Gumpert on the Complete Patient blog:

“Everyone seems to have an opinion on what the Rawesome situation represents, but it may be we’ll have to watch the legal proceedings unfold to fully understand what’s happening. Remember, the three people charged in connection with the Rawesome case are now in the criminal realm, which has important implications (aside from the fact that they’ve already been thrown in jail.)

This is the first criminal case involving food rights that I am aware of. Everything else has been in the civil arena, where the rules of evidence are less strict, and the stakes not as high. I read where James Stewart could potentially be looking at eight years in jail if convicted of all charges.  

Second, the defendants should have an opportunity to go before a jury of their peers. The civil cases until now have all been decided by judges.

Third, this kind of high-profile case could attract high-profile criminal defense lawyers. Mark McAfee said in a comment that he’s heard one such lawyer could be Christopher Darden, of O.J. Simpson fame.

Finally, the decision by prosecutors to put this into the criminal realm, in an area of the country where the passions over food and health are so strong, suggests the various agencies involved in the case feel they have a solid case.

The answers to two key related questions will tell us a good deal about the relevance of this case to the larger matter of food rights:

1. How eager will the prosecution be to settle this case before it goes to trial?
2. How eager will the defendants be to cop a plea?

The extent to which the defendants are willing to appear before a jury of their peers, and risk jail terms, will tell us much about how convinced they are that this is a case entirely about food rights and the right of association…and not a case of outsourcing gone bad or some other business screwup. …”

Read the whole story on the Complete Patient blog.


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3 responses to “Is recent Rawsome raid the first raw milk case involving criminal charges?

  1. With eight year in the balance I would be inclined to answer the door with a shotgun. The tyrants want this to turn violent by shutting down all options.

  2. thebovine

    Perhaps they do, but you don’t want to play into their hands, methinks!

  3. Contrary to many’s opinion…
    Not fighting – I often think is playing into their hands.

    I think 50 million armed men could have taken on 545 miscreants in DC in 1940.
    Today the odds are not so good.

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