An expensive habit maybe, but can raw milk really become an addiction?

Here is a great article written by Donna Costa, the London WAPF leader about her “addiction”:

My addiction to the pure white stuff began when I was living in Australia. It was easy to purchase and its use was almost mainstream. Lots of people knew I was using it, yet neither family, friends, nor co-workers derided or chastised me. Some were users like me and, from time to time, we would go on trips to the mountains lured by the promise of “the really good stuff”. I first tried it out of curiosity but, by the end of the year, I was truly hooked.

On returning to Canada, I was quickly able to find a local supplier. The product was good quality and cheap. But then, suddenly, my supplier left me dry! It had been two weeks since I last tasted the pure white stuff and I longed for the rush of its sweet goodness. Without my regular bedtime fix, insomnia had become a frequent visitor, robbing me of my psychedelic dreams. Without sleep, I became increasingly irritable and unfocused. My boss had started to notice my lack of concentration and commented on my performance.

In order to allay the muscle cramps and tightness in the chest from withdrawal, I have resorted to buying inferior product. It is easily available on the market, but does little to assuage my cravings for the pure stuff. Then the buzz on the street gave me a lead – a potential new supplier! Unfortunately, the supplier wouldn’t deal with me directly, wouldn’t even speak to me, until someone on the inside would vouch for me. It took several furtive phone calls, but I was in! The buy was arranged for a week later, so I continued to use the inferior street stuff to keep my withdrawal symptoms at bay.

The actual buy was so stereotypically clandestine as to be laughable! At the arranged time, I drove to an older area of town. While not quite a seedy neighbourhood, the small war-time houses had definitely seen better days and were much in need of repairs. I cautiously parked at the curb, noting that other buyers had parked down the street or in the back alley. I approached the back door and gave my name as instructed. When the door opened, I was quickly shunted inside where crate after crate lined the floor, each one filled with packages of the white stuff. One at a time, the buyers approached the supplier and the deals went down.

Finally, it was my turn. Hesitatingly, I presented my money – cash – and was given my drug of choice. The cost was three times what I had been paying, but my addiction didn’t care that my pocketbook was empty. Other tantalizing goods were proffered. “Next time, next time,” I assured the supplier and she smiled, knowing I would be back, unable to resist the lure of more goodies.

The deal complete, I grabbed my package and scurried to my vehicle. I had to force myself to ease up on the gas pedal: I certainly didn’t want to get pulled over when I was carrying the white stuff. At home, I stealthily hurried inside, my package clutched tightly to my chest. Locking the doors, I rushed to the kitchen and, with trembling hands, I lifted the white stuff out of the package.

Quivering with anticipation, I greedily imbibed, letting the cold liquid quench my desires. Aaahhh! This was the real stuff! And so pure! The next mouthful, I savoured more slowly, swishing the liquid around in my mouth, between my teeth, letting it roll over my tongue and down my throat. Already I could feel my muscles relaxing and knew that a deep, peaceful sleep awaited me that night. Aaahhh! There’s nothing like a glass of cold, raw milk!

* * * * *

Sadly, this is a true story of buying raw milk in Canada. Your right to buy and eat what you choose is being overridden by the government, in particular when it comes to raw milk. What food will be next on the government’s hit list? The fight for raw milk is about food freedom and freedom of choice: this issue is not just about raw milk. If you value your food freedom in Canada, please donate to the Canadian Constitution Foundation who is defending Michael Schmidt (Ontario raw milk farmer). Donate at:



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3 responses to “An expensive habit maybe, but can raw milk really become an addiction?

  1. Lesson to be learned…. never give up your guns and yes this is why this has happened to you and it’s only the beginning. After all you are unarmed sheep.

  2. Scary stuff. We are offered GMO corn and irradiated soy instead. Yuck! Gimme whole milk any day of he week.

  3. Expensive? Farmers are forced to sell to the milk companies for next to nothing, mainly because of the evil retailing laws.

    I have always gotten my milk rightly for less than it sells for at the local grocery.

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