Was Rawsome founder Vonderplanitz blacklisted by the mainstream media?

David E. Gumpert on the Complete Patient blog,

Aajonus Vonderplanitz, speaking in Los Angeles in the autumn of 2010. Photo by Jennifer Sharpe, via The Complete Patient blog.

From an email from Aajonus Vonderplanitz to his supporters: “”On August 4, 2011, I attended the rally and court proceedings. About 80 people attended the protest/rally at the Los Angeles County courthouse regarding the Rawesome Club food-raid.

It was a good turnout but no one knew how to organize it or knew what to do to take advantage of the press exposure. About 5 TV networks were there to cover the story.

Approximately 25 people remained outside picketing and about 55 people inside. I offered the 4 network TV stations present my comments as President of Right To Choose Healthy Food, since I had built Rawesome. They began to move for taping but when I gave them my name, they refused to receive my comments. Who blacklisted me? Rawesome members or government-controlled media?”

He even felt compelled to deny that he was a turncoat who encouraged the multi-agency raid on Rawesome last week. “I was not privy to the fact that they were going to raid Rawesome again,” he stated.

But he remains the wily resistor, and suggested that James Stewart was out-maneuvered by the government prosecutor when Stewart agreed as part of his bail agrrement to a gag order as well as to not be involved in distributing raw milk. I’m not clear whether Stewart agreed as well to shutter Rawesome–and I can’t ask him to comment officially because he’s under a gag order–although Vonderplanitz says he did, and in the process missed a golden opportunity to become a symbol of resistance:

“When the judge ASKED that if James wanted out on $30,000 bail, would he agree not to handle anyone’s food but his own and close Rawesome, James Stewart agreed.

“Sadly, with all of the cameras rolling and the world watching – the opportunity of a life time for our cause of food-freedom, healthy-food rights and life without disease – we did not have a leader that said, ‘Your honor, I cannot accept your restrictions. There are infants, children, mothers and fathers, entire families as well as individuals who rely on their special food to be healthy and free of allergies and disease. I am simply the manager of Rawesome. Rawesome is owned by its members. I have no authority to close the life-giving food club. Nor would I if I had authority. If you charge me to stay in jail, for them I will do it. Because you don’t supply good food in jail, I choose to hunger-strike until those members who are American citizens can have their food, and you release me.’ ”

I have spoken with farmers who credit Vonderplanitz with “rescuing” them from government shutdown efforts. At this point, I don’t want to name them, for fear in the current climate I would be encouraging the State to come back after them, during this time of Vonderplanitz’s troubles….”

Read it all on The Complete Patient blog.

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One response to “Was Rawsome founder Vonderplanitz blacklisted by the mainstream media?

  1. Gordon S Watson

    about 30 years ago, the same principle was in play where members of Pastor Everett Siliven’s UNINCORPORATED chuch were schooling their children themselves. The Great State of Nebraska decreed that they could not do so, unless duly licenced and regulated by the State.
    Pastor Silliven was put in gaol for “contempt of the Order”, and stayed there for months. The little tyrant on the Bench decreed that Siliven was responsible for the conduct of others, in the face of his argument that he had no personal control over what other citizens did with their children!!

    In the Soviet union, the commies found out that the most efficient way to manage dissidents was to hold their children / loved ones, hostage …
    see the difference ?
    where were all you armchair civil libertarians, then? … Two decades ago, when anti-abortionists were getting their arms broken, being dragged away by the bloody LAPD, and their so-called “civil rights” trampled-on, being imprisoned on absurdly-high bail demands, who of you made a peep or rustled a wing about so-called “civil rights”?
    Don’t come crying to me now when the tyrants are “just doing their job” = carrying out their duty to enforce the Law, exactly as your stupid Juda-ized pulpit parrots taught you, in their rendition of Romans 13
    how do you like fascism, so far?

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