Catching up on the latest with Ontario raw milk farmer and food freedom advocate, Michael Schmidt

An interview with Canadian raw milk farmer and advocate Michael Schmidt:

Michael Schmidt speaks at the Liberty Summer Seminar in Ontario.

Michael Interview with Michael


Michael as the summer begins to fade many are wanting to know what has happened the last 4 months.


I returned from the international conference on raw milk in Prague  with the desire to slow down my travels.

In the plane I added up all my flights of the last 12 months related to food rights and raw milk issues: I covered over 75,000 km in the air. That was a shock and a wake up call.

Michael Schmidt at the Institute for Liberal Studies' Liberty Summer Seminar with lawyer Karen Selick and managing director of the Canadian Constitution Foundation, Chris Schafer




I suddenly began to realize why my energy, my grounding, my focus and my social life suffered. After all I am a farmer who needs the feet on the ground.

At the same time these travels were necessary and important and crucial considering what is at stake.


Please elaborate.


If you follow the news across North America in respect to Agricultural issues, food issues and food rights issues, you will notice the increasingly violent crack downs by state agencies on farmers and private food clubs on both sides of the border.

I have been criticized for calling these actions a war, however by now nobody will dispute anymore the fact that the Government is at war to destroy fundamental rights related to basic human rights.

Access to food is a basic human right.

Providing healthy food is a moral obligation.

Farming is one of the most dignifying and profound professions and yet it has become the symbol of a new form of slavery.

The dangerous combination which links more and more corporate money and Government policies has created similar conditions in North America as Stalin has done in the 40’s in The Soviet Union.

We soon will experience the total destruction of our traditional rural community and our ability to feed ourselves.


The shelves and the bellies are full why would the majority even bother to question the current policies on food and farming?


That’s the scary part in this scenario. The majority of people have become so used to over-eating and wasting food without spending thoughts and energy thinking about the future.

The destruction of our farming culture is deeply concerning and likewise the loss of our eating and food culture Is disturbing to say the least. I never ever imagined such a fast destruction of our local communities through Government policies.

It is insanity that farmers are under such regulatory scrutiny and corporate America can mass produce food with no regards of inner quality and ability to produce safe food

Discussing the Ill effects of the commercial milk supply with Michael Schmidt at the Conscious Food Festival in Toronto this past weekend, where Michael was a featured speaker.


What do you want to change?


People need to wake up to the fact that they have lost the control over their food. As long as you conform to the “status quo” you will not realize what is going on in the world until it is too late.

I put all my efforts into Educating, teaching, encouraging, supporting each other and not backing down despite uniformed Government agencies.

We are closer to a dictatorship than the most want to believe.


Tell me about your travels.


You may remember that I got involved in the former Home-on the Range cow share operation to prevent a total shutdown. That required a lot of thinking, restructuring, and negotiation. I am proud to say that we were able to maintain a similar cow- share model but based on cosmetics.  We currently dealing with Health Canada to find a proper long term solution in BC

Alberta has been another legal challenge where I had the chance to help to prevent the worst and in fact resolved the entire legal nightmare for the farmer. That itself took 5 or 6 trips.

I also spoke at many conferences in North America and Europe on the topic of food rights.

I was happy to participate just two weeks ago in the Summer Institute for Liberal studies where I gave a lecture on the issue of how we can use the courts to defend fundamental rights.

I also just recently spoke at the Conscious Food festival down town Toronto.

Everywhere the same scenario: most people do not have a clue how controlled the food supply is in Canada.


How about Prague?


Prague was a worthwhile experience because there was a real scientific discussion about the merits of raw milk based on research.

No fear mongering no scare tactics just a wonderful exchange of the burning question; why can people experience positive effects when drinking raw milk?

A simple question with a constructive follow up.

Ton Baars the research director of this conference is in fact setting up a follow up study on our by now famous calf study.


What do you see how the scenario will unfold in the near future?


I do expect that we will lose the appeal. Why? Because I think the appeals judge will look at the ruling of Justice Kowarsky in a more conservative and traditional way and not with such a broad and liberal approach as Kowarsky did.


How would that effect your work?


As strange it might sound it would advance the entire cause. People will get very upset and agitated. Many more people drink raw milk from cow share operations than 6 years ago. We have not seen an increase of any food borne illnesses due to raw milk but continue to see major food borne outbreaks from industrialist food systems.

A negative ruling will activate people.

A positive ruling will give people the assurance that our courts are in fact working to protect our rights under the Constitution.

Once again either way we will not lose.

No doubt that they want to display their control power, but we can creatively resist in a peaceful way.

I will defend our chosen path with whatever it takes.


Thanks Michael

Michael Schmidt spoke at the Conscious Food Festival this past weekend in Toronto

More on the Liberty Summer Seminar (advance information)


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4 responses to “Catching up on the latest with Ontario raw milk farmer and food freedom advocate, Michael Schmidt

  1. Yay, Michael! I feel for the toll that travel has had on you, and yet, I’m glad you’re doing it!

    You say, “Prague was a worthwhile experience because there was a real scientific discussion about the merits of raw milk based on research.”

    Are the proceedings available anywhere on-line? I would love to be able to cite peer-reviewed research on various blogs when some know-it-all starts spouting the “conventional wisdom” of the FDA.

  2. nedlud

    Thank you Michael Schmidt.


  3. Heather

    Thank you for continuing to encourage awakening consciousness! If I can be awake and aware I can change the way I am in the world. If I am asleep a lot can happen and I won’t even notice until it is too late.

  4. What can be said about a man or woman and a cause that is close to God? As Mike Schmidt is. And as many of us are too now. Be more than awaken now, be diligent. Plan for freedom and fight for freedom. Don’t tread on me.

    What comes to our mind first, because it it only a fingertip away from my desk, seated amongst other good books I am fortunate to have read and still have for others to enjoy; is this:

    From The Little Book about God by Lauren Ford

    The people could not enjoy what they had made.
    They spoiled it with war and dishonor
    and pestilence and
    famine and misery and
    stupidity, and
    this is part of the story that is all about these horrid words.

    Now there were on earth some people who were stupid,
    and some who were lazy. The stupid people could not learn
    to do anything;
    they couldn’t plant a field, and they couldn’t build a house, and they couldn’t be of any use to themselves. And some hired themselves out to other people, and some just sat around, and others begged.

    One day, when the stupid people were on their way to a fair to beg, they met the lazy people. And the lazy people said, “whenever you try to make a thing you spoil it, and whenever we try to make a thing we go to sleep. So let us take all the things the good people have.”
    So they did.

    Now the name they gave to that was theft.
    So the people built their houses inside the walls on the tops of the hills, and at night they took their beasts inside and for awhile that worked.

    Then the lazy people said to the stupid people, “We will get horses and will make a mighty army, and we will pillage and burn the towns.”
    So they did that thing.
    And the name they gave it was war.

    And then the floods came.

    And so, we see who the thieves are. They know who they are.

    And so, the question is not, “where are we today?” The stupid people do not know the answer for they are corrupt. Only good people know where we are today and they also know what we have to do.

    Michael Schmidt is a good example of what we should be doing. And so is “Hartke-Is-On-Line” – David Gumpert, Mark McAfee, The Organic Consumers Association, the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund, and others. writing about it, defending the innocent, and peacefully fighting. But when they come in with guns loaded, then it is time to think differently about their real abilities to do harm. Similar situations have happened throughout history and so did Dr. Martin Luther King’s people have to find their way.

    So where are we today? We are surrounded by many stupid, greedy people. Goliath are they? Then here comes David………..

    Milkmen USA

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