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Radioactive rain falls in Toronto Aug 14

Fukushima Japan is not as far away as we sometimes think:


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Beyond farmers markets, in the ‘burbs

From Susan Frick Carlman, in the Beacon News, a story titled “Farm-to-table is becoming mainstream – even out in the ‘burbs:

“…The meat-share option is one way local food producers have made their goods more accessible. Tapping an Internet that wasn’t available to the generation that preceded them on the farm, growers and ranchers are also relying on word of mouth as a marketing tool.

Promoted quietly from one fan to the next, raw milk is one of the items unique to small producers. The unpasteurized dairy fluid contains elevated levels of Beta Casein A2, which research suggests is effective in prevention and treatment of such conditions as heart disease, autism and childhood diabetes. Because it must be handled very carefully to minimize the risk of food-borne illness, however, raw milk can’t be purchased from stores. Cooperative distribution networks such as the 16-head Golden Guernsey Dairy in Carol Stream, the last fresh dairy farming operation in DuPage County, allow consumers to buy the beverage directly from the farm. Continue reading

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Big ag launches media campaign to counter claims of the food activists

By Alan Rappeport in New York – from the Financial Times

Big US farming groups are joining forces in a multimillion dollar marketing campaign to respond to attacks by activists and small farmers that accuse them of promoting unhealthy food and abusing animals.

The outreach comes at a time of growing tension between industrial agriculture groups and small farmers and activists who argue that “factory farming” is inhumane to animals and produces food that leads to obesity and illness.

The effort also coincides with the US food industry coming under pressure to contain a salmonella outbreak this month that has been linked to ground turkey processed by Cargill, the US meatpacker. The US Centers for Disease Control said more than 100 people have been affected by the outbreak, with one death. Continue reading

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