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Poll results show 7 out of 10 Ontario residents think people should be allowed to buy raw milk

The Toronto Sun reports on a poll from April of 2010:

“…Polling also shows the McGuinty government was at odds with the public in its pursuit of raw milk activist Michael Schmidt.

Seven in 10 Ontarians say people should be allowed to buy it legally despite the fact most of them think it may pose a health threat.

Almost three in 10 Ontarians say they have tried the product, and those most interested in drinking it tend to be middle-aged rural men. Continue reading


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Orono Liberty Summer Seminar experience shows libertarians to be caring and socially aware people

From Jesse Klein in the National Post:

Lech, Marta and Peter Jaworski were told that municipal zoning regulations prevented them from celebrating their freedom at the annual Liberty Summer Seminar. Photo: Tyler Anderson, Post Media News via the National Post website.

“For 10 summers in a row, a group of freedom-loving libertarians and small-c conservatives flocked to a remote acreage outside of Orono, Ont., pitched a tent and were treated to a weekend of entertainment, stimulating speakers and home-cooked meals.

United by the common belief that decisions are best left to the individual, rather than being dictated by the government, participants of the Liberty Summer Seminar embodied what former prime minister Wilfrid Laurier once said about our country: “Canada is free and freedom is its nationality.” Continue reading

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Irish raw milk ban is being proposed

From 3WheeledCheese:

Photo via the "3 Wheeled Cheese" story excerpted below.

“The proposal to ban unpasteurised cow’s milk is due to a lack of understanding of its myriad benefits.

IN IRELAND, we produce the best milk in the world, along with the best farmhouse cheeses and, of course, the best beef.

And our bureaucratic scientists want to stop us enjoying that good milk, the mother’s milk of the land.

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) has proposed that the sale of unpasteurised milk should be banned completely. It does not favour regulation, it favours a total ban. Continue reading


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Ventura county farmer who was arrested in Rawsome raid says she’s being targeted by government

From Rachel McGrath in the Ventura County Star:

Sharon Palmer stands near a flock of lambs on her Santa Paula farm, where she raises goats, chickens, pigs and cattle. Pamler faces prosecution for the unlicensed production and sale of unpasteurized milk and related dairy products, though she maintains that she was licensed at the time she was charged. Palmer no longer produces dairy products as a result of the police raids on her home. Caption from VCstar.com. PHOTO BY ANTHONY PLASCENCIA // BUY THIS PHOTO: Click image to go to link where you can buy a copy of the photo.

“A Santa Paula farmer at the center of a raw-milk prosecution in Los Angeles says she did not sell unpasteurized products to the general public without a license.

Sharon Palmer, owner of Healthy Family Farms, is charged in a felony indictment with being part of a criminal conspiracy to produce and sell unlicensed raw milk and related dairy products in Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. Continue reading

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