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Now a word from our sponsor… NOT!

You will die!!!!!!!!

The dire warnings given below about raw milk remind me of a fun new blog I’ve stumbled upon lately titled “Narco Polo”, whose author, Robert R. Arthur, advocates for the legalization of drugs. The author, who is a former teacher and public defender, has also written a book titled “You will die, the burden of modern taboos”.

Unfortunately this fascinating volume is currently out of print, but soon to be reprinted by those fun loving folks at Feral House — you know, the people who brought you “Sex and Rockets”, “The Carnival of Life and Death”, “Cult Rapture”, and “Apocalypse Culture”. But lest anyone think we might be biased here on the Bovine, or oblivious to other points of view, here’s some intel from a recent official Canadian health advisory on raw milk, excerpted from Bill Marler’s “Real Raw Milk Facts” blog:

“OTTAWA, ONTARIO–(Marketwire – Aug. 24, 2011) – Health Canada would like to remind Canadians not to drink raw (unpasteurized) milk because it could contain bacteria that can make you seriously ill. Continue reading

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Story about FDA spying on American raw milk farmers using undercover agents echoes the Michael Schmidt case

Although Infowars.com (the source of this story) is a site that deals in the sort of information that in many circles is dismissed as conspiracy theory, the history of Michael Schmidt’s raw milk trials in Ontario echoes several of the themes that are discussed in this article. During Michael’s most recent trial in 2009, it became clear that the local health unit had dispatched an undercover agent to infiltrate the ranks of Michael’s raw milk cowshare members, to gain his trust and to acquire raw milk and raw milk products for testing.

And, as became evident during the course of the trial, this undercover agent, Susan Atherton, wasn’t lying about needing raw milk to address her chronic health issue. The sad part of the story is that she never did get to drink the raw milk she acquired from Michael Schmidt’s farm. It was all sent away for testing. And it wasn’t tested for pathogens. It was merely tested to confirm that it really was raw milk. Well, duh, did they really suspect that Michael was providing cowshare members with pasteurized milk?

We’re left wondering if undercover agent Susan Atherton ever recovered from her sickness. Maybe raw milk would have helped as she told Michael she hoped it would. But she would have had to actually drink it for that to happen, not just buy it and pass it along to her health department handlers. It would seem she paid a high personal price for “just doing her job”. Continue reading


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