Story about FDA spying on American raw milk farmers using undercover agents echoes the Michael Schmidt case

Although (the source of this story) is a site that deals in the sort of information that in many circles is dismissed as conspiracy theory, the history of Michael Schmidt’s raw milk trials in Ontario echoes several of the themes that are discussed in this article. During Michael’s most recent trial in 2009, it became clear that the local health unit had dispatched an undercover agent to infiltrate the ranks of Michael’s raw milk cowshare members, to gain his trust and to acquire raw milk and raw milk products for testing.

And, as became evident during the course of the trial, this undercover agent, Susan Atherton, wasn’t lying about needing raw milk to address her chronic health issue. The sad part of the story is that she never did get to drink the raw milk she acquired from Michael Schmidt’s farm. It was all sent away for testing. And it wasn’t tested for pathogens. It was merely tested to confirm that it really was raw milk. Well, duh, did they really suspect that Michael was providing cowshare members with pasteurized milk?

We’re left wondering if undercover agent Susan Atherton ever recovered from her sickness. Maybe raw milk would have helped as she told Michael she hoped it would. But she would have had to actually drink it for that to happen, not just buy it and pass it along to her health department handlers. It would seem she paid a high personal price for “just doing her job”.

During the first “raw milk war” in Ontario in the 1990s, through what seemed at the time like a bizarre turn of events, a staff member of Michael Schmidt’s farm was kidnapped by agents who spoke with East German accents, who could very well have been ex-Stasi agents, made redundant after the fall of communism, who had gone to the west to seek their fortune, and had presumably found work with the enemies of raw milk in Ontario. So we don’t doubt that the sort of thing described in Mike Adams’ article could well be happening among our neighbours to the south. By the way, this staff member referred to above was from Germany and could recognize the local accents from different parts of the country and that was how he knew his kidnappers were East German.

Also perhaps relevant in this connection is a recent Mother Jones expose on the role of undercover agents in formenting domestic “terrorist” plots in order to involve Muslims who were sympathetic to the cause but who would likely have never gotten it together to actually do anything if they had merely been left to their own devices.

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“After weeks of investigation, NaturalNews can now reveal that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is waging a clandestine war on raw milk dairy farmers through a network of government spies who are coached on infiltration and social engineering techniques. Resembling the Stasi East German police or KGB of the former Soviet Union, these undercover FDA agents meet each month for a “spying roundtable” phone conference called the Raw Milk Call during which techniques of infiltration are openly discussed and encouraged.

NaturalNews can now reveal that the majority of these undercover FDA agents are women, who are more easily able to infiltrate the raw dairy community with techniques of social engineering (see below).

The existence of this elaborate spying operation has been confirmed by NaturalNews through three different sources, all of which demanded anonymity as they fear being targeted by the FDA with armed raids, false arrest and destruction of their property, as we recently witnessed with the Rawesome Foods raid. One source told NaturalNews they feared the FDA would stage a Waco-style siege of their farm and invent some justification to assault their farmhouse and shoot them and their family. Yes, this is how much freedom has been lost in America today, where farmers are afraid to speak out for fear they might be killed. And yet, it’s not paranoia: They have legitimate reason to fear their own government is targeting them for termination.

FDA uses KGB-style techniques to infiltrate raw dairy networks

Through these sources, NaturalNews has learned the FDA coaches its network of spies to engage in KGB-style social engineering techniques in order to win the trust of the very people it then targets for armed raids and arrest. Those techniques include:

• FDA agents visiting local farmers’ markets and gathering names of possible raw milk providers to be targeted.

• FDA agents calling those targets and trying to convince them to sell raw dairy products by telling “sob stories” of how they have a baby that can’t breastfeed, and they need raw goat’s milk to keep the baby alive. (This is why most undercover FDA agents are women — they make more convincing social engineers when it comes to issues like finding goat’s milk to feed babies.)

• FDA agents engage in name-dropping of others in the raw dairy community in order to imply trust. In California, for example, they might say, “I spoke with Mark McAfee at Organic Pastures, and he told me to talk to you.” This technique impresses the target, thinking they have been recommended by a big name in the raw dairy industry. In reality, the whole story is fiction and is just used by FDA spies to try to ensnare other raw dairy producers.

• FDA is building a secret government database of raw dairy customers. This is accomplished by training its spies and agents to demand the confiscation of customer lists from raw dairy farmers. Such lists are then delivered to FDA headquarters in Washington D.C. where they are added to a growing database of names, email addresses and sometimes even home addresses. It is not known what the FDA ultimately plans to do with this list.

• FDA pays huge sums of cash each month to various state agriculture departments, then sends top-level FDA infiltration agents to those states to train state-level agents in these same clandestine techniques. As one example, NaturalNews has learned the FDA currently pays the Wisconsin Dept. of Agriculture more than $80,000 a month for it to spend on these raw dairy spying and infiltration schemes. Shortly after the program was launched, FDA flew several of its top agents to Wisconsin to walk the local farmers’ markets with spies-in-training agents, teaching them spying and infiltration techniques in what was essentially a “Raw milk spy camp.”

• FDA agents have been well trained and schooled on running elaborate entrapment schemeswhich are operated with the sole purpose of persuading small, local raw dairy farmers to break the law or violate FDA regulations so that the FDA can justify an armed raid on their farm operation.

• Many millions of dollars (NaturalNews could not get accurate numbers on the total expenditures) are being spent by the FDA on these spying and infiltration programs. None of these programs are reported to Congress. None are reported to the press. These are entirely “dark operations” conducted behind the scenes, with no official announcements, and with no desire to attract publicity of any kind. They are, essentially, secret wars being conducted against America’s farmers, with no congressional approval whatsoever.

• NaturalNews was told that FDA head Margaret Hamburg is not only authorizing these secret spying operations, but that she took a personal role in structuring the operations so that they would not be made public. NaturalNews has not yet been able to confirm this allegation, since obviously the FDA outright refuses to return our phone calls, insisting on operating entirely in secret.

• As part of its secret spying and social engineering effort, the FDA also runs a national farmer intimidation program where FDA agents dressed in what look like FBI or “agency” uniforms just show up at farmers’ homes and engage in verbal intimidation in order to dissuade farmers from producing or marketing raw dairy products. This is done without a warrant and completely outside the law. Farmers are routinely told that if they talk about this, they will be targeted with armed raids.

• One farmer was told, “If you go public with this, we will come back and have your entire herd destroyed by claiming your cows are infected with mad cow disease.” This is a classic secret police-style intimidation technique, and it explains why so few raw dairy farmers have been willing to step forward and go public with their stories. One sheep farmer was already targeted and had his entire flock of sheep murdered by the FDA working in conspiracy with state agriculture officials, under the false pretense that the sheep were infected. This particular instance is covered in the film Farmageddon, at

• FDA officials have stated, during these monthly “Raw Milk Calls,” that their goal is the complete destruction of the raw dairy industry in the United States, and that achieving this goal was a top priority of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

• FDA has also stated that it plans to use the increased funding provided to it under the Food Safety Modernization Act to expand its secret spying and infiltration network and train even more spies to entrap and intimidate raw dairy farmers.

• Many of the people now attempting to join raw milk buying clubs and meet-up groups are actuallyundercover FDA agents who are gathering names, emails, addresses and other “evidence” to be used to justify future armed FDA raids. National lists are being drawn up and prioritized to create “hit lists” of farms to raid under the Food Safety Modernization Act.

• Salaries and bonuses of clandestine FDA employees are raised based on the “performance” of how many raw dairy operations are shut down, how many customer names are confiscated, successful raw milk “buys” and other key milestones of oppression and tyranny that are set by the FDA. In this way, FDA agents are financially rewarded based on the number of American farmers they crush….”

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9 responses to “Story about FDA spying on American raw milk farmers using undercover agents echoes the Michael Schmidt case

  1. Same with Fraser Health Authority bothering the Home on the Range cowshare, in 2008 and 2009. They sent the samples seized, of raw milk, to Silliker lab. for testing, but only for the presence of phosphatase … proving that it hadn’t been cooked.
    As dimwitted as they are in other ways, the Health Authorities are smart enough to make sure they don’t have positive evidence that a given sample of raw milk is perfectly OK. Such would undo their premise : that ‘all raw milk is always and only teeming with pathogens’.
    this morning – Friday August 26th 2011 – Fraser Health Authority was back at the Our Cows farm in Chilliwack BC, accompanied by the RCMP, executing a Warrant to Search per the Public Health Act RSBC. Apparently Fraser Health inspectors looked around for 7 minutes, questioned one of the employees, then left
    this is in the face of their lawyer, Guy McDannold, having told the Supreme court judge last February that Fraser Health would take no action while Alice Jongerden’s Constitutional Challenge to the regulation, was pending. Lawyer McDannold has broken his undertaking to the Court again, just as he did last time = when he promised to do nothing ’til the Schmidt decision was handed down in Provincial Court, January 2010. But secretly preparing a Petition to put Home on the Range out of business, days BEFORE the Schmidt ruling.
    These people are moved by the same spirit as the Bolsheviks when the Red Army took food from the kulaks in the Holomordor at gunpoint. In the year of our Lord 2011, they do the same thing, pretending a “law framed in mischief” So I don’t want to hear any mewling noises about them “only doing their jobs” operating behind the badge of Authority, stealing food out of our mouths. And I don’t want to hear anyone apologizing for the meatheads in uniforms of the RCMP … after this one told our milk room employee that she was in jeopardy of getting a criminal record!!

    • Sharon Priest-Nagata

      We’ve been fortunate enough to have a cow share since spring this year. We are feeling better! We are healthier!! We love Our Cows and the brave people who shouldn’t have to be brave, dammit, they are just doing what they do best: running a beautiful dairy and taking care of their beautiful cows. What we have to go through to eat what my sister gave her children on her own farm as recently as 15 or 20 years ago: not to mention all our forebears who just ate what they grew and what was provided by their animals. Sharon

  2. Natalie,Reuven,Vladimir,Katie

    We love raw milk

  3. Mark Gunther

    When will the government realize that they are to represent not dictate to the people of their constituency? I realize the premise behind which they enact and enforce such laws but aren’t those laws subject to review every so often? When is the last last time the government has done impartial studies concerning all aspects of raw milk (beneficial and non)? Is their reluctance to commit to such a review based in the extra work they may have to do regulating numerous producers of raw milk products or is it due to the conventional dairy producers paying said institutions to disrupt the natural producers to their own ends?

  4. Shannon

    Who was the idiot judge who signed the warrant? The employees that work there are just that employees paid to do a job, just like the RCMP and just like Fraser Health employees. To threaten someone is absolutely ridiculous. Not only am I a cow share holder but I am a fraser health employee, not in public health, but still an employee who loves the fact that I can now drink milk, which I couldn’t do with pasteurized milk. Fraser Health should be ashamed that they have broken the cease and desist order and the judge should be fired. Another prime example of people with far to much time on their hands and not enough legitimate work to do!

  5. Rick Adam

    Government lies and corruption abound, why do they persist lying to the Provincial and Supreme Courts? What is their true motive?

  6. Sharon Priest-Nagata

    Ignore them as long as you can. Enjoy the milk.

  7. vjland

    support our cows!
    scums in uniforms, thats all they do.

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