Michael Schmidt’s statement regarding actions by Fraser Health re “Our Cows” raw milk cowshare in Chilliwack B.C.

Photo of one of the cows from the "Our Cows" raw milk cowshare in Chilliwack, British Columbia. Thanks to Hella D for the photo. Click image above to go to Hella's post with more such photos.

Statement regarding the Raw milk farm search by health authorities in BC [by Michael Schmidt, who is the agister for “Our Cows”]:

Fraser Health followed exactly my suggestion which I made last year to Tim Chum who is head of enforcement at Fraser Health in BC.

I repeated my suggestion again about a month ago in a telephone conversation with him after inspectors tried to enter the farm for inspection and entry was denied as directed by me.

After I took over management of the raw milk dairy in Chilliwack I met with Health officials and explained in detail our restructuring of the former Home-on-the-Range farming operation.

We discussed in detail the cosmetic approach and our ongoing negotiations with Health Canada since cosmetics are falling under Federal jurisdiction.

In my last telephone conversation with Tim Chum we agreed to disagree on the jurisdiction issue and left it at that.

I once again informed him that I had instructed my staff to not allow inspectors from Fraser Health unto the premise and suggested again that the only way Fraser Health could get access would be through a court ordered search warrant.

It is interesting to note that Tim Chum apparently comes from China a country controlled by dictatorial powers with very questionable human rights records and here in Canada we find more and more people like him in positions executing the same dictatorial powers they tried to escape before immigrating to our “free country”.

I also thanked Tim Chum that if he chooses to take more enforcement actions that he is in fact furthering our cause of cow-sharing in BC.

Two major issues are of concern:

1.). Health Canada is currently reviewing our request to get an opinion in regards to the requirements connected to non-public use and distribution of cosmetics.

2.) We have filed a constitutional challenge to the current health laws and regulations in respect to raw milk in BC.  Jason Gratl is the brilliant lawyer who prepared and filed on behalf of Alice Jongerden this constitutional challenge in the BC courts.

This will be heard in December 2012.

Public Health officials no doubt have full knowledge of these facts and still continue to harass  this small farm. At the same time Canada is sending soldiers to other countries to “free” their citizens from state tyranny.

No doubt there is enormous pressure to squash this food freedom movement.

When you think about it, it seems utmost ridiculous that we have to defend our basic freedoms to  make informed decisions.

Yes it is corporate controlled politics, no doubt.

There are always signs when Government gets nervous.

-Not even two weeks ago Health Canada once again issued a press release about the dangers of raw milk. Why???????

– BC quietly removed a clause in the milk industry act which in fact provided a provision for raw milk see below Gordon Watsons statement:

“I used that point in my letters to officials, arguing that that proved there was still a statutory duty to accomodate those who want raw milk, as set out in the Report of the Royal Commission on milk marketing, upon which this Act is predicated.

Up ’til August 13th 2011, it used to say:

3 The Lieutenant Governor in  Council may make regulation as follows :  (q ) defining rural areas known as “milk pasteurization areas” within which milk delivered or sold to consumers must be pasteurized, and making just and equitable provision for the sale of milk from approved raw milk dairy farms in the milk pasteurization areas, and the requirements, restrictions and exceptions under which the raw milk may be sold”

I did an interview over the phone today with Robert Freeman of the Chilliwack Progress newspaper, in which I quoted that section. Hours later, he tells me that that section [was] repealed on August 13th!!”

It will be interesting to see the reasoning for this step.

Thanks Gordon for your continued research in this matter.

As September 16. is drawing closer, the day the Ontario Raw Milk Appeal decision supposed to come out, all those trying to restrict our food rights seemed to get more nervous than those who,s livelihood might be at stake.

As I have said before I am fighting this raw milk battle now for almost 18 years. Governments have changed, chief medical doctors have changed, and nobody has died from raw milk.

Sometimes it is worth fighting simply to expose the hypocrisy of state protection and the reality of Corporate dictated food policy.

It has to get much worse before it will get better.

When I left the appeal hearing last April I asked Allan Ryan the Government lawyer what they are planning to do in case they would win this round. Since 1994 they have tried to shut me down now for almost 18 years and never succeeded how do they think to achieve that now.

Well the common answer seems always: “we just do our job”.


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37 responses to “Michael Schmidt’s statement regarding actions by Fraser Health re “Our Cows” raw milk cowshare in Chilliwack B.C.

  1. Sandy

    ^^^It is interesting to note that Tim Chum apparently comes from China a country controlled by dictatorial powers with very questionable human rights records and here in Canada we find more and more people like him in positions executing the same dictatorial powers they tried to escape before immigrating to our “free country”.^^^

    Did you ask him if he comes from China or are you just making a general nasty statement because he’s Chinese?

    • walter

      Use some common sense people and don’t be so easily offended! Political correctness and “sensitivity” have been engrained into our society in order to stifle free speech and make everyone careful to freely discuss important issues that may cross cultural and ethnic lines.

      Historically, organizations hide behind the veil of religious or cultural affiliation in order to distract and manipulate the focus away from issues and facts at hand. Too many people have been programmed (mind controlled) via the media and government to think this way. Divide and conquer.

      Michaels point that we are living in an increasingly tyrannical and dictatorial society is getting lost in political correctness.

      Michael Schmidt is a true modern day hero and deserves respect. You should be thanking Michael for his sacrifice, diligence and courage.

      Shame on you Sandy. Think again about your comments. Do you really think racism or discrimination towards chinese people is part of Michaels agenda? Grow up!

      Michael, don’t pay much attention to these mind controlled minions.

  2. Level Headed

    My ulcerative colitis was cured by raw milk. Argue all you want, but I experienced it first hand after having moderate UC for more than 10 years. I was on drugs that cost a lot and only marginally helped. If I took my drugs according to the Doctor’s orders (12 x 400mg Asacol tablets per day, $1.30 per tablet = $15.60 per day) it cost me (or my insurance company) $5,694 per year. This is not an uncommon story, but… it’s only $5,694, right? And usually insurance companies pay for it… right? That’s just the cost of living?

    According to pharma company Merck’s website, “In Canada, there are 201,000 people with inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis).” Another company, Warner Chilcott in 2009 acquired Procter & Gamble’s prescription-drug business for $3.1 billion.

    201,000 x $5,694 = over $1 billion per annum in UC pharma drugs

    Raw milk on the other hand costs far less, not to mention it’s part of our food budget (not medical) and so it’s far easier to pay for food that does double duty of both filling the tummy as well as preventing disease.

    My point is simply this: follow the money trail because it will alway leads you to the enemy. Big pharma is one, but not the only one.

    As for me I’m cured. My bowels have been extremely healthy for 2 years and I’m totally off drugs. I’m saving money. And my morning coffee doesn’t make me keel over from pain anymore, and it tastes that much better with raw milk in it.

    So I wonder why they want to prevent raw milk sales?

  3. Michael Schmidt

    I wrote “apparently” to make clear that it appears and not that it is.
    This is not anti Chinese but a reality check that a significant number of inspectors are coming from countries with dictatorial regimes. I have dealt with more than a few of them and openly questioned their motives to act in a similar manner like the system they escaped.
    It all comes down to the same answer in most cases, “we have to feed our families or we have to make living”
    As I said before, we are living in a time of hypocracy.

  4. Walter’s dad
    Sorry for having offended you this was not at all intended.
    When I went to Fraser Health to locate either mr. Lee or mr. Chum I do not recall exactly , the receptionist told me that there are over 200 with the same last name and therefore difficult to locate.
    If you look at it objectively you will find that the majority of them have a cultural disconnect to the original food culture here in the west and therefore simply go by the book, merciless by the book.
    No stereotype but firsthand experience.
    If I want to hire Government inspectors I would hire those who simply follow orders and do not question the validity of orders.
    I hope you forgive me

    • SL

      Hi Michael,
      I really respect you for what you do and admire your strength when it comes to protecting the cow share program. But the comment could have left China or any country out of it. It is an offending comment (beyond offending to a lot of people), beside you have shareholders themselves came from China, what Mr. Chum or Lee did might have just been an order from a Mr. or Ms. Canadian.
      What do you really know about China?? Beside from what you have heard from the western media.
      Let’s be straight forward and support the raw milk, leave your own “prejudice” to yourself. And one day, maybe one day you will get to know to true China.

      • Michael Schmidt

        I was in fact invited to speak in China about the emerging reality of organic food and raw milk. I met personally with scientists from the university of South West China initiating research in that field.
        I was specifically asked to look at the issue of Rae milk production.
        Yes I know something about China. I passed islands at the ocean where I could see the dissidents Bering held.
        I have seen public humiliations of so called non conforming elements.
        Does that count or do I have to justify my freedom to express my thoughts.
        I likewise question the consciousnes of immigrants with German roots if they are on a similar powertrip like Mr. Chum. Do not get me wrong Me. Chum was not rude or nasty. No he was polite and non committal to anything except to orders

    • Ju Pa

      Oh my gosh, the truth is the truth…………..not putting anyone down or up on a pedestal, I think the observation is valid, let’s not get lost in political correctness…………….takes the focus of the real issues of the right to have a raw food……….the powers that be want the ability to control the “market” for profit………if I want to drink raw milk and I do, I assume the responsibility for the decision I make. I had Cancer 3 yrs. ago, I use raw milk to help boost my immune system. The “general” public is not in danger!!! We only take what is ours from our cow, pay a maintenance fee for the upkeep of the animal………..simple as that! Yet the same government agencies is wanting to allow GMO’s into the country……trying to regulate natural supplements…….(you can not patent natural substances so this is a “way” around it.)….in the guise of “Public Safety”…..hmmmmmmmm………I think not……it’s all about the $$…we need George Carlin back…………..open your eyes!


    Thanks Level Headed for your comment. And thank you Bovine for recording it. This is strong ammunition for the Public to see against Pasteurization. May I quote this and give you all credit.

    Thanks again Michael Schmidt for your courage, etc. I shared your name
    today with another person who told me that pasteurization kills but did not know what.

  6. LZ

    Verry well noted Michael and unfortunately the pure truth!

  7. Joanne

    My son and other family members are unable to drink pasteurized milk bought from grocery stores without hives or adverse reactions but when they drink grass fed only raw milk there are no side effects and are able to drink as much as they desire. We should have the right to choose what we know is best for our families. These reactions from a product usually give us a sign to stop taking it like medications so does this mean my family isn’t worth passing a law to allow me to choose raw milk that I know is better for them.This has been done for centuries it is much healthier and nutritious. Thank you to all the people who are involved with fighting for this right to drink raw milk,
    Best Regards from my whole family.

  8. jenny

    whereas your family comes from happy shiny GERMANY?! please stick to the issues rather than bringing in nasty stereotypes that contribute nothing positive to your arguments.

  9. having dealt with Tim Shum, I know that he’s Chinese. How his place of origin figures into this raw milk thing, is, that if he’d been a dissident in Red China, he wouldn’t be here enjoying what little freedom we have left. He’d have been liquidated by the totalitarians who’ve enslaved China for the last 60 years. Thus, Mr Shum is one of those who – rather than resist red fascism, deserted that Marxist Utopia, and positioned himself nicely as a high-paid apparatchik to lord it over me. I resent him spreading his political plague here
    From my decade’s worth of experience in the Campaign for REAL MILK, it’s more than obvious that its engine is : white people, now feeling the pressures of globalism, read, the installation of the anti-christ one-world govt. – awakening to our racial heritage, particularly, the food and agricultural laws of the Bible
    which side of that equation are you on?

  10. Teri

    Politics aside, I’m sure we all have our own opinions and experiences. The point of the article and the stand is as it has been for eons is that big business is all about profit and organizations such as FHA simply follow archaic legislation with complete disregard of when and why the legislation came to be. A lot has changed in the world and like all laws and legislation need to catch up. In the meantime, I will continue to do what I think is best for me and my family and that includes raw milk. I praise Michael Schmidt for all the work he is doing to help me continue to have access to my property and to use it how I see fit, so THANK YOU Michael! We don’t have to agree with everyone’s views or opinions but thankfully in Canada we still have a right to those views and opinions, this is why people from other countries want to live here! So embrace the wonderful things our country has to offer and take pleasure and be thankful for the right to do so! It may not always be so!

  11. Raoul

    Hi Folks;
    Every society has or has had its equal share (some more equal share than others ) of corruption, patriarchy, oligarchy, monarchy, pyramid schemes and structures, racism (sprinkled with a bit of slavery ).

    I am interested in effective communication and messaging.
    In the big picture it may or may not be the most effective form of messaging to label the Fraser Health Authority as “buffoons” even if it is true. It may not be the most effective messaging to highlight the fact that a particular Health inspector is Chinese origin .
    It would be great if these Health inspectors could not only lose their jobs ,but their homes and life-savings everytime they made a mistake! Then we would have a “level playing field”. I doubt that they are so idealistic and believe in their cause that they would do their work if they faced the same survival threats that Michael or OUr Cows faces or Alice Jongerden used to face when she resigned as agister . Do we see the difference ?
    On the other hand we have to feel compassion for Michael for putting his livelihood ,family harmony, and health on the line to represent this movement.

    So if the message is a little off sometimes let us assist him to improve the messaging rather than attacking the messenger. Isn’t there an old saying “Don’t shoot the messenger? “.

    Maybe if Michael enjoyed a $300 000 per year guaranteed income like those health officials he could afford a full-time Public Relations Firm to keep his messaging spic and span?. Hey Monsanto spends millions and billions on messaging,political donations and lawyers .
    Truth is secondary here. Who has the slickest message, the most lawyers and the deepest pockets wins right ?

    • Thanks Raoul
      You have a good point.
      I think a lot comes from misunderstanding the intend of the message.however sometimes it is great to have a heated and passionate discussion. It unlocks some interesting views and reactions. Very revealing.

  12. thebovine

    The post is certainly generating a lot of controversy and discussion, and that’s just wonderful. Thank you all for sharing your views.

  13. thebovine

    BTW, I’m not trying to close off the discussion. Discuss away.

  14. Gordon S Watson

    Michael Schmidt is on record, as is Mark McAffee, using the term “war”. They don’t do that lightly. They do it because they know what they’re talking about
    General MacArthur told his men , “your task is not to go out there and lay down your life for your country. It’s to make the other guy decide how badly he wants to lay down his life for his country”.
    In his book “Rules for Radicals”, Saul Allinksy tutored people like Hilary Clinton and Barry Suetoro to “personalize the struggle”. Thus, the face of Mister Chug Kuo Shum is the face of the enemy
    Applied to this political contest, let’s see how he and his apparatichiks are to their religion of state-ism, once they get start getting held accountable in lawsuits for MAL-feasance of public office

  15. i am really shocked at people being offended by this:

    “It is interesting to note that Tim Chum apparently comes from China a country controlled by dictatorial powers with very questionable human rights records and here in Canada we find more and more people like him in positions executing the same dictatorial powers they tried to escape before immigrating to our “free country”.”

    there is nothing wrong with this statement. michael is simply making an observation. its not a lie that china is a dictatorial regime. and it’s not stereotypical, racist, or prejudice to point it out. If anybody who was offended by Michael’s comments had actually taken the time to “read” what he wrote — instead of clinging on to his reference of China and spinning into something of a racial attack — they would see that Michael is obviously speaking from experience, and is coming from a place of honesty and truth. And if you’re not convinced of this by reading his statement – I suggest that before jumping to your own conclusions — that maybe you should sit down with him and get to know who he is, and discover just exactly where he’s coming from. All i see from anyone who was “offended” by michael’s words — are people who are exercising the same level of prejudice and judgment that they are accusing Michael of.

    It is often true that what we accuse others of are the very things we are guilty of ourselves.

    • jo green

      Thank you Kia! Excellent observation.

    • Level Headed

      HERE HERE! Well said Kia, you said exactly what I was thinking, but I did not have the skill to communicate it so precisely as you did. I wholeheartedly agree. Well constructed, well said.
      Furthermore, I now realize I should have paid far more attention in English class because I can rarely express my heartfelt thoughts so well, and only to find that someone else can do so far better than I can of my own thoughts! 🙂 In other words, thanks!

    • jenny

      Are you people for real? Although I’m sure Michael didn’t mean it, this IS a stereotypical statement. Why any of you would argue otherwise is beyond me. I doubt very much that Tim Chum’s birthplace came up in conversation with Michael – the assumption that he is from China is likely based on Michael’s personal interpretation of appearance and maybe accent. Tim Chum could have come from any number of nations, perhaps one that isn’t controlled by “dictatorial powers”. Heck, he may have been born and raised in Canada for all we know. Sorry folks, this was stereotyping plain and simple.

      • Jenny
        I do not get where you are coming from. If my comments offended you I apologize, if you simply want to keep fueling the debate with your accusations, I am fine with it if it helps you to express your anger.
        It is interesting that the greatest stereotyping seems to come with your comments.
        As I said before if someone got offended I certainly did not intended to so.
        We have a problem, a major problem in the bureaucratic castles of the Government. Anyone who justifies his or hers position with the comment” I am just doing my job” is a willingly and knowingly supporting a dictatorial Government.
        Jenny look at the bigger picture at hand . It is not a pretty picture.
        We have everywhere controls in place almost like the futuristic novel 1984.
        It is a great vision of a scary reality we now have.
        Warm regards

      • jenny

        No Michael, I was not personally offended in any way. I fully recognize that that your posts are genuine and not professionally wordsmithed, so statements like the one about Tim Chum have to be interpreted with a grain of salt. As for the bigger picture, I have no argument with that.
        In fact, I wouldn’t have commented at all had it not been for the respondents who proclaimed that “there is nothing wrong with this statement” and essentially belittled those who thought the statement was inappropriate. Stereotypes are standardized and simplified conceptions of groups based on some prior assumptions. Your statement is CLEARLY stereotypical: Tim Chum appears to be Chinese – China is a dictatorial regime – “more and more people like him [Chinese] in positions executing the same dictatorial powers.” Pretty easy to see why someone would think this is a stereotype…
        Anyway, it doesn’t matter. You’ve apologized and provided additional context, so let’s leave it at that.
        PS-In my first post, I didn’t make any stereotype. I only tried to provide my best guess as to how you came to your conclusion. But please enlighten me, if your assessment of Tim Chum’s ethnicity wasn’t based on appearance or accent, how do you know he is from China?

      • Michael Schmidt

        Jenny thanks for the king response. Yes I begin to understand and certainly will work on being more considered in how to express my concerns.
        I do appreciate a passionate discussion with opposing positions in order to clarify and define issues.
        I had to smile about your honest response. Behind some of these responses is often a gentle soul.
        Regards and thanks

  16. What has happened to our lawmakers that this issue is allowed. We are a free country and should be acting so.

    • Level Headed

      Re: this conflict of a free country that issues laws that are contrary to it’s freedom
      In my quiet moments I do ponder this same question as you.
      I believe the wise helmsman has been replaced with a fool, but the shipmates are not yet aware of the fact. It might take a near-sinking before they demote him, or a sinking before they decide to throw him off the ship. Everyone must then go down with him.
      Had they seen the fool sooner they would have saved the ship.
      I pray the shipmates wake up soon.

  17. 5 years ago, I was diagnosed with lymphatic and thyroid cancer. The medical specialists recommended ear-to-ear surgery to remove 4 lymph glands and my thyroid and couldn’t promise me that they could save my vocal chords. They would follow up with chemo and radiation therapy.
    I decided against the medical approach and decided instead to go with prayer and a raw food diet which includes raw milk. I did not go back to a doctor for 1 1/2 years, when I went to get checked. I was told then that the original lymph gland, which had been biopsied and found to have cancer, had shrunk by 75% and my thyroid was clear. The specialist said that whatever I was doing was working and I didn’t have to come back to see him. Today, I am feeling well and am leading an active life.

    It surprises me that you can choose to go to the store and buy tobacco or alcohol, both of which have been proven to have possible negative effect on one’s body. Yet, I cannot go to the store and buy raw milk which has been so beneficial to me.

    Interestingly, I only drank raw milk for the first 17 years of my life before pasteurized milk was mandated and I experienced very good health during that period of time.

    Dan Bue

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