“We’ve been snookered” — Joel Salatin

Joel Salatin talks about his new book, titled: “Folks This Ain’t Normal”:

“We hope you enjoy this clip of Joel Salatin talking about his soon-to-be-released book . . .

This is the first of Joel’s books to be published by a highly regarded New York publishing house. Joel says the book will introduce the rest of his friends on the lunatic fringe (i.e., WAPF, FTCLDF, Acres USA) to the world.”

Thanks to Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund for this story.


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5 responses to ““We’ve been snookered” — Joel Salatin

    • Tiny

      I totally agree with your down to earth, healthy eating campaign. It really does leave an sadness in ones heart, to know that these Academic Dummies that call themselves Inspectors, are trying to tell us that our eating healthy habits are hazardous, for the past 40 years. Hmmm! Yes, maybe some farms are a disgrace and levels of bacteria is high, but that should not restrict the ones that are concerned about hygiene. It’s called; “Know Your Farmer”. But in reality, it’s not about the food anymore, it’s politics & money. But also, with these officials, it’s like you put a suit on a monkey, and it goes crazy. If you have a Academic individual that can think outside the box and have the Natural Common Sense that is only developed from working on a farm, then you would have something!

      • Tiny

        Just an extra comment; Hygiene is the utmost important’s, whether it be water wells, food, our body condition. The strongest recommendation is “Know Your Farmer”, and it’s the same in Hospitals, “Know Your Doctor”. I’m sure all of us have experienced someone that we know, coming home from an simple operation and having a serious disease or an infection. There are sloppy Farmers, and there are sloppy Doctors. But Farmers seem to be an easy target. This Country is Not controlled by the Government, it’s controlled by Corporations. So who do the Inspectors work for?

  1. macconchie

    Thanks for posting. What a great quick interview with Joel. I thought you might enjoy a few items from my site. The first is an article I wrote:
    http://www.novasights.com/2011/09/11/unplugging-chimera/. The second is video that I took at Joel’s Farm Day this year. I hope you enjoy.


  2. That is an awesome book. Always the first book I recommend when I start talking about sustainable agriculture to someone who doesn’t know what I’m talking about.

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