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Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt on “How we keep missing the point”

Some of the people in the Vancouver "raw milk family" around the "Our Cows" cowshare in Chilliwack B.C. Photo via Hella Delicious. Click image to go to her blog post for more pictures.

I kept reflecting on my last posting which created more reaction than the usual postings. I have to agree that on the surface my statement can be misconstrued because of the political correctness aspect.

I admit that at first read one could get the impression that there is a certain biased or prejudice against a certain group of immigrants. Continue reading


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Three strikes and you’re out: the attack against organic food, and why it’s wrong

From Anna Lappe at Civil Eats:

News flash: the chairman of the board of one of the largest food companies in the world—whose tripling in profits from 2009 to nearly $43 billion in 2010 was generating from selling mainly processed foods produced with inputs from industrial, chemical farms—is “skeptical” of organic food, reports FastCompany.com.

Don’t you think someone who made $10.7 million in 2010 from a company whose profit primarily depends on chemical agriculture might have a bias in the matter? Yes, it would be understandable to think Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, Chairman of the Board of Nestlé, might. It also might be understandable to want to know what others, those without such a financial interest in the food status quo, think about the viability of non-industrial agriculture. But in the FastCompany.com article, like other press that pooh-poohs organic farming, those who disagree, if they’re mentioned at all, are portrayed as marginal or unqualified to speak to the issue. Continue reading


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