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Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt on “Ten days to the raw milk appeal ruling”

Michael Schmidt talks to a reporter back in April when the province's appeal of Michael's January 2010 acquittal was heard in Newmarket court.

Ten days until the raw milk appeal ruling on September 16th and

Ten reasons why we will continue

Will we win this appeal??.??

That is the question many are asking. It is not any more the question is Michael winning. No, it has become an issue of much broader significance for many than only for me or Glencolton Farms.

Let’s brainstorm to find ten reasons why we should continue this battle for our food, our right and our life.

Do not get me wrong again. I am not lazy, I just like to get a sense where we all are heading.

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“What if farming for profit really isn’t possible?” — Gene Logsdon

From Gene Logsdon at the Land Institute:

Gene Logsdon, of the Prairie Writers' Circle

After 70 years spent in agriculture, doing everything from milking a hundred cows when a hundred cows was a really big herd, to being a staff editor for The Farm Journal when The Farm Journal was a really big magazine, I have concluded that farming can’t make any real money. If we would only admit it, we might find a way to solve the farm problem.

If you don’t believe that farming is intrinsically unprofitable, try it. Rent or buy some farm land, rent or buy some equipment, rent or buy someone at a living wage to do the work, then put out a crop of corn, soybeans, cotton or any other major market commodity—except, maybe, marijuana. I defy you at year’s end to show me one penny of real profit. There’s more profit in making bread wrappers than in growing wheat to put in them. If you decide to do the farming work yourself, you may make a slight return on your labor, but that is not what a good capitalist calls profit. Continue reading


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Pasteurization: “your nanny state boils the milk but you don’t have to drink it”

From Tuula on the Tuulips blog:

What dairying was like in 1929, around the time pasteurized was introduced. Photo via Tuulips.

“It’s banned in Canada and 18 US states, but it’s legal in Europe and always has been. Three in California were recently arrested for selling it. In other states, everyone from local police to the FDA take it upon themselves to eradicate it, even where laws permit its production and sale. Continue reading

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