Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt on “Ten days to the raw milk appeal ruling”

Michael Schmidt talks to a reporter back in April when the province's appeal of Michael's January 2010 acquittal was heard in Newmarket court.

Ten days until the raw milk appeal ruling on September 16th and

Ten reasons why we will continue

Will we win this appeal??.??

That is the question many are asking. It is not any more the question is Michael winning. No, it has become an issue of much broader significance for many than only for me or Glencolton Farms.

Let’s brainstorm to find ten reasons why we should continue this battle for our food, our right and our life.

Do not get me wrong again. I am not lazy, I just like to get a sense where we all are heading.

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12 responses to “Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt on “Ten days to the raw milk appeal ruling”

  1. Here are my top 4 reasons!

    1) Canada is supposed to be a free country where we have rights and the right to drink raw milk or eat dirt if we choose to do it should be one of those freedoms. If we give up easily we will only see more restrictions on what we are allowed to buy and eat/drink. By continuing to demand our rights to healthy foods, we can help to wake others up to see what is happening in our food system and to our basic rights. Many just do not see the signs yet. 2) Our children need the good fats, enzymes and non-denatured proteins that raw milk provides if we are going to reverse the trend towards obesity, hyperactivity and chronic illness that the last couple of generations of children have suffered. Those of us who know the benefits of the milk first hand have a responsibility to make sure our children have access to it. 3) When I see the difference in how people think about food once they start to drink raw milk, I can’t help but think that there is something spiritual or perhaps primal that happens as this life giving food is reintroduced into the diet. More of that can only benefit this planet. 4) People choosing to consume a healthy product produced on farms that help the environment instead of destroying it is a good way to start to turn the trend towards health for every living being on this planet.

  2. We will keep fighting because…

    -this generation is in DESPERATE need of healing, healthy, REAL food!!!

    -This government, through the power of Big Ag and Big Pharma, has (and continues to) strip the right to legally make a living from non-commodity, sustainable farms ( in many ways) The Cargills. the Monsantos, ADM’s, Saputo’s etc, MUST NOT run this world if there is to be a future all people can enjoy. Holistic farms and local food systems were the answer for 1000’s of years and still are!

    In my mind, it keeps coming down to those 2 things…but I look forward to hearing more thoughts…

  3. Sib

    To get started, here are five reasons why we should continue this battle for our food, our right and our life:
    1. It is our inherent right as citizens living in a democracy to determine what to feed ourselves and our families.
    2. Raw milk from healthy pastured cows is real milk and healthier than pasteurized milk – it’s a living, nutritious food that nourishes, not depletes, the human body.
    3. The government needs to listen and get properly educated about raw milk and realize that a raw milk farm requires different regulations than a farm producing milk destined for pasteurization.
    4. If we give up now, we give up our future food choices. Pasteurized milk and nutrient-diminished foodlike substances cannot nourish the next generation.
    5. Someday there will be raw milk vending machines in public elementary schools instead of pasteurized milk (including chocolate milk) distributed by the Dairy Farmers of Ontario.

  4. sue maxwell

    The biggest reason is that the government has no right at all to tell us how and what to eat or anything else. The government has gone way beyond what they are supposed to do a long time ago and we are not just fighting for this issue but for the right to live the way we want to if we do no harm to others. This government is getting very much into our lives and I won’t say what I really think they are all about- to me it is very obvious. Sue

  5. sue maxwell

    Something strange going on. I have been subscribed to this site for quite awhile and now I am getting emails to ask me to subscribe- happened twice in two days. What is the problem?

    • thebovine

      Sue, I don’t know what happened. WordPress handles all the back end on this site. Maybe they had a hiccup or some bits missed the bit bucket. Rather than “subscribe” to sites I find it easier to follow blogs using an RSS reader. It’s better especially if you’re following many blogs.

  6. thebovine

    I suspect the framers of American constitution and of Canada’s charter of rights and freedoms didn’t specifically include food rights because no one suspected that at some point in history (now, for instance) efforts would be made (under various pretexts) to limit and control access to particularly healthy foods. Thus you have the FDA claiming in court recently that people have no right to access any particular food.

    Now whether this is done to avoid embarrassing the companies trying to market their manufactured products as “food”, or whether there’s a more sinister plot afoot to sicken people so they’ll buy more drugs and be easier to govern, the effect is the same — a sustained attack on our humanity.

  7. Good to see so many people finally getting upset with this atrocity.

    Make no mistake their is a global eugenics program being implemented in many countries at the same time under the name of Codex Alimentarius.
    Is there any other explanation of the food supply in so many countries being made dangerous at the same time?

  8. Gordon S Watson

    the other explanation as to why the food supply is being made dangerous in so many countries, is : for over a century, the communists predicted that they would employ “the food weapon”, at the appropriate time

    Lenin said that the strength of communism was that, in its centrally-dictated command economy, the party knew in advance where shortages would occur, so they framed-up regulation and armed force to police that issue.

    mindless minions of the one-world bureaucracy = like Fraser Health’s Tim Shum in BC = don’t care a whit about you, let alone your health. What they’re doing is exercising power for its own sake – as do all megalomaniacs, great and small
    how do you like globalism, so far?

  9. Raoul

    Dear Folks:
    I love that word ” brainstorming” .
    The unfortunate thing about unasked “court battles” is that it sucks up all the time ,energy and money so that less is leftover for visioning or matters of the heart or community .

    I would like to see more not less “symphonies at the barn” as an example. I think Glencolton could also be a centre for learning in tune with other ecovillages like OUR Ecovillage in Duncan BC (for example ) . I am not just talking about just fixing the windturbine or putting up solar panels or solar water or running the blue bus on biodiesel or using geothermal power for heating the houses and water. Although all that is absolutely necessary and inevitable if we follow the sustainability path .
    In addition to the symphony on the barn what about hosting a speaker on any kind of Food Security or Green Energy or other visionary topic ? This could be once a year or more. It should flow naturally. Does Glencolton only have to be about Raw Milk ? What about other organically grown food products ? What about green houses and permaculture . I have seen videos of fish farming in Greenhouses with the waste being used as food fertilizer for adjacent plants.

    (see http://www.theurbanfarmingguys.com )

    I find this very inspiring and I do feel it is very important that we keep finding as many things as possible to do that are inspiring for us to do . Otherwise we become burnt out and exhausted. Raw Milk is not the only game in town . We need to be working on as many tracks as possible.

    I am not saying that not enough is being done. I am just putting it out there that there is always more that can be done. And if we find the most inspiring things to do first (instead of last ) we will have the energy
    (and maybe even money ! ) to do those things.

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