Poland’s agriculture minister calls for a Europe-wide ban on GMO cultivation

From the “News from Poland” website:

Poland's president vetoes a new law on GMO seeds, calls it legal junk. Click for source.

“We are now proposing to completely prohibit not only the cultivation of GM plants, but also imports of feed and food that is genetically modified,” Minister Marek Sawicki told TVP public television.

“And not just in Poland,” he added.

Sawicki’s remarks come just days after he criticized President Bronislaw Komorowski for vetoing a government bill on the registration of GM seeds, which was intended to bring Polish law in line with EU dictates.

The previous Law and Justice government passed a law in 2006 unilaterally banning the growing of GM foods and exports of seeds. The European Commission consequently referred Poland to the European Court of Justice for passing a law at odds with Brussels directives.

President Komorowski, though not against GM on principle, said this week that the ‘seed bill’ did not in fact sufficiently clarify the issue and declared the law “legal junk” and sent it back to parliament.

Now Minister Sawicki says that the EU should ban GM across the 27-nation bloc.
“Here indeed is a task for the Minister of the Environment, to introduce such an initiative under the umbrella of the Polish Presidency [of the EU Council], and we will support him.”

Opinion polls have shown the general public suspicious of the technology….”

Read the whole story on News from Poland.

And in a related story:

“President Bronislaw Komorowski has vetoed the so-called “Seed Law” on GM crops, following a series of consultations with experts.

Komorowski had referred to the bill as “legal junk,” affirming today that the act had become so muddled as to be incompatible with the law.

The bill, which appeared to open the gateway to GM crops in Poland, was prepared after a 2006 law banning such practices was referred to the EU Court of Justice for failing to comply with EU policy.

Nevertheless, at a press conference this morning at the Belvedere Palace, Komorowski insisted that he was not against GMO per se, but rather that the bill itself was “legal junk.”

The president had earlier insisted that there is no scientific evidence to confirm that GMO practices are harmful to humans or the environment….

Read that whole story here. 

Hat tip to Hella D for covering this story first.

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