Pork product responsible for 23% of Salmonella positive results at USDA

From Doug Powell on Barfblog:

Was it the sauce? Photo via Barfblog.

“Pork barbecue with vinegar and pepper-based sauce is the source of 23 per cent of salmonella-positive samples the U.S. Department of Agriculture reviewed from 2005 to 2010. The contamination has not caused any known illnesses.

Exactly what part of the dish is contaminating it with salmonella isn’t clear. FSIS notes that it “may have come from the addition of contaminated ingredients (such as the pepper) to the sauce, or from cross-contamination of the product or sauce in the post lethality processing environment.”

During processing of these products, the pork was cooked first, and the barbecue sauce was added after the cooking step. The lack of a lethality treatment for the sauce or its ingredients could result in contamination of the final product….”

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3 responses to “Pork product responsible for 23% of Salmonella positive results at USDA

  1. thebovine

    Note that we’re still putting “pork on our fork”. Nobody’s suggesting we should do otherwise. Now if this was raw milk, well then…..

  2. All of this reporting is great, but we are stalling what is inevitable. Pull the plug on the lobbyists and supporters of commercial farming and big business. And pull the rug from under the bastards who get in the way of food freedom and your rights. We need a General Patton here and not a bunch of cry babies. I know where to find one. He is in the making.

    Milkmen USA

  3. sue maxwell

    Pork is one of the most unhealthy things to eat and responsible for over 200 major diseases. It is a scavenger, has different flesh that can eat diseased things and not bother it- you might as well eat a vulture or a rat as to eat port- same category. If you look at the OT food laws they give you the category of what is clean and unclean. Unclean means it is a scavenger, and will harm you but clean up the environment to make you safer. If you saw the whole list of things that come under these categories you would not eat things like pork and shellfish.

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