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“The Bovine” in top 50 food safety blogs

That’s according to the “Masters in Public Health” blog:



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“Milkman” one of five old-school jobs that’s making a comeback in America

From Joe Mont on “The Street”:

One of Canada's obsolete occupations? Not so fast, eh.

“The neighborhood milkman is an indelible image of Americana. Dressed all in white, they would make door-to-door deliveries of milk, cream and butter with a smile and tip of their pristine cap.

The traditional milkman all but disappeared since a heyday in the 1940s and ’50s. A big reason was the emergence of large and local grocery stores that offered the appeal of one-stop shopping, as well as the “grab it fast” appeal of convenience stores. Improvements in home refrigeration and homogenization alike made use-it-or-lose-it milk purchases a thing of the past, and daily deliveries fell by the wayside. Continue reading


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