Top six food blogs — The Bovine’s pick

Like the choices in the post linked to below, these selections are bound to be biased by what we look for in a blog. Sorry if we’ve overlooked your blog through our narrowsightedness. Obviously a list of six favourite blogs is not going to be anywhere near exhaustive of all the great food blogs out there. See our blogroll for all the blogs we consider worth including. Readers are invited to add their own suggestions of favourite food blogs in the comments:

1. The Complete Patient — No one covers the raw milk food politics beat as thoroughly as David E. Gumpert. Original material, first rate journalism, and insight born of persistence and hard won familiarity with the game, and the players, in raw milk and food rights, in North America.


2. Hella Delicious Food —  provides great coverage of the British Columbia raw milk scene as well as other enlightening food related stories. The author has lived in a lot of places and has the perspective to show for it. She brings a lot of spiritual and cultural insight into her writing. Hella’s blog also gets top marks for graphic design and interactive functionality.


3. 3-Wheeled Cheese — A news aggregator blog with stories about raw milk and cheese from all over, not unlike The Bovine. Plus the occasional story on three-wheeled vehicles. And why not?


4. Politics of the Plate — Barry Estabrook’s blog, not so much about raw milk; Barry is one of the great farm writers. I’ve been following his work since Harrowsmith in the 1970s.


5. Hartke is Online — Kimberly Hartke, Weston A. Price Foundation publicist, breaks many good raw milk stories, and covers those “WAPF themes in the news” type of stories not found elsewhere.


6. Natural News: Health Ranger Mike Adams provided terrific coverage of the recent Rawsome raid in L.A.. He’s on the ball with food rights issues as well as covering related topics like vaccination.


So what’s missing in the raw milk blogosphere? Sometimes I wish we’d hear more about what’s going on in Europe and in wider world, but more often than not, I suspect, raw milk is just not an issue elsewhere, the way it seems to be here in North America. Either that, or it’s not being written about in English.

Or else Google alerts is not picking up those stories, for whatever reason. Lately I’ve noticed that raw milk stories from The Bovine and from The Complete Patient are no longer showing up in Google alerts the way they would last year, for instance. As you may know, Google’s motto is “Don’t be Evil”, so it can’t be that our internet is censored and our news stories spiked.

What is it with the Canadian and American food legislators, regulating agencies and enforcers? Is their raw milk fixation a reaction to having been bottle fed? Or what? Does it have to do with the emotional “armoring” that Wilhelm Reich speaks of? Anyone?


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5 responses to “Top six food blogs — The Bovine’s pick

  1. thebovine

    We’re sort of following the countdown theme here, as the last post in that series was “seven”, as in Seven days til the announcement of the appeal verdict in the raw milk case of Michael Schmidt. We’re just one day late in posting it.

  2. Thank you for supporting 3 Wheeled Cheese!

  3. thebovine

    I’ve now expanded this into a “top ten” under the heading “A Short List” in the blogroll to the right side of this page.

  4. I made the top ten! After 60 some farm/food enforcement case articles posted, they all have the same patterns.

  5. thebovine

    You do good work, Augie. Keep it up.

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