How animal rights threaten farming

David E. Gumpert, on the Complete Patient blog:

Joel Salatin explains the workings of Polyface Farm on Saturday, as FTCLDF attendees, and chickens, look on. Photo via The Complete Patient blog

“Believe it or not, there’s a food issue lurking out there beyond food rights and food safety. Joel Salatin, the Virginia farmer-author-activist is worried that that next issue is animal rights.

He’s already seeing evidence of it at Polyface Farm, his own farm in the Shenandoah foothills. During a tour of his farm Saturday for 150 attendees as part of a fundraiser for the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund, Salatin said he’s been reported to his local animal control officials by area residents who have had concerns about the treatment of his cattle.

In one case, someone reported him because one of his steers was limping. In another case, he was reported because his cattle were “mobbing”–hanging out close to each other as a herd in a new pasture.

In each instance, “We had to spend two days with local vets explaining what we do”…and he was off the hook.

His view of animal rights as an emerging issue for owners of sustainable farms rates a chapter in his upcoming book, Folks, This Ain’t Normal: A Farmer’s Advice for Happier Hens, Healthier People, and a Better World. It’s due out in early October.

During the Saturday farm tour, Salatin wondered aloud what other problems the animal rights people might find at his farm. He pointed out how, during recent heavy rains, the chickens (who stay outside in mobile structures) got pretty wet, which isn’t unusual. “We have days when our chickens are out here in the rain and cold and shivering. I know there are people who would like to go out and buy them L.L. Bean dog pillows.”

Joel Salatin explains the workings of Polyface Farm on Saturday, as FTCLDF attendees, and chickens, look on. Might the animal rights folks be better off focusing their attention more on CAFO’s and other factory farm practices? They already have, of course, but Salatin speaks to a more ideological tendency.

The problem is a theme of his book: “We live in extremely abnormal times…” And one expression: “In our communities, we have more and more animal rightists.”

Among other issues he previewed that come up in the new book:…”

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3 responses to “How animal rights threaten farming

  1. This makes no sense. It is another excuse for them to control and give rights to commercial farming and take away from real farming, local farms, small farms, biodynamic farms, organic farming and the like. They would rather everyone eat GMO foods, foods with pesticides and other poisons. while they eat good foods. They have sources. It is also a way to keep people sick and rely on drugs and other medical businesses that are corrupt, including the insurance industry. It also reduces the population. It is also about population control. These are the “Globalists.” Check to see who is in the food hubs now. They are receiving funds from the government. And the government receives from big commercial farming. It is clear.

    Milkmen USA

  2. Level Headed

    Manure rights is next.

  3. nedlud

    Does anybody, with any hint of what it taking place, all across the globe–the total loss of actual common sense and the replacement of common sense (and innate wisdom) with loyalty and fealty to money, the power of status and money–doubt that mass starvation and mass murder and unprecedented levels of incarceration are the inevitable outcomes of our current system(s)?

    Hell, the bureaucrats and the military (and all the obedient, fearful sheeple) are just getting warmed up.

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