Michael Schmidt’s countdown to the raw milk decision — 5 more days to go

As of yesterday, that it. As of today it’s only four days until we learn the judge’s decision regarding the Province of Ontario’s appeal of Michael Schmidt’s January 2010 acquittal on raw milk related charges. Michael sez:

Crop circle expressing the number five.

I keep reflecting on the significance of five days in your life.

It is clear that the weight of every day becomes more noticeable as the consequences of a certain event might severely impact your or the worlds ultimate survival.

If the world would end in five days we would encounter a situation hard to even imagine.

Getting married in five days certainly has a different impact than knowing that you get executed in Texas in five days.

I have many times experienced the anticipation of five days trying to imagine what can ,what would and what will happen.

Five days until the due date of a calf or your own baby is not the same. Five days before Christmas is hard to bear for children.

Five days of a 10 day holiday is often mixed with sadness that it is almost over.

Five days here or there are part of a rhythm, part of a wonderful reality. Nothing can be changed except the breathing in and breathing out of every day and every moment.

Look at some of the wonderful images of the mysterious crop circles.

A phenomena not yet understood, but ridiculed and ignored.

Looking at another tragic event which shocked the world is 9/11.

Believing the official version almost could be looked at as irresponsibility.

Do we need or do we want believe.

Unless we start thinking for ourselves we will be prone to others telling us what to think.

Five days make no difference as it relates to the right of people to drink raw milk.

The milk will keep flowing, and with it more and more will discover the healing quality of real milk produced with care and love.

In five days we will or might know if Justice Tetley is applying his legal knowledge in support of basic rights or in support of the ever increasing reality of state control over our lives.

May we enjoy our next 5 days.


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3 responses to “Michael Schmidt’s countdown to the raw milk decision — 5 more days to go

  1. Tiny

    Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved doing battle against against injustice. It reminds me of children that have experienced an abusive home, where everyone there are afraid to speak up against the authorities in fear of getting beaten with a stick, repeatedly. The last time I had looked, we still have the right to speak up and have the freedom to challenge the system. Or am I wrong, or because we took the courage to stand up, are we now going to be harassed by every Government Official that get their Jollies by tormenting farmers? I’m Sorry, this has to stop! We all know that the Corporations Rule, but in this age where the World is Starving Globally, and people are fed up with Chemical Based foods, it is immoral that we are busy playing Politics. Why doesn’t the Government work with the farmer instead of trying to destroy the farmer. Hello! The World Needs Food!

  2. Thank you for this count-down, Michael.

    In five days, we’ll discover if all the effort (and expense) we put into creating a goat share in BC is for naught.

    • Michael Schmidt

      nothing is a waste of time or energy. You have created and implemented what’s right. That’s what matters. Creating realities is more important than talking about it until the cows come home.
      Everything is just another step or roadblock which we use to learn to jump even higher. Easy win us easy lose.
      Keep milking my friend.

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