Michael Schmidt’s Glencolton Farms, Cow Share Canada, at Feast of Fields

Feast of Fields is an annual event, organized by Organic Advocates, to showcase organic food culture in the Greater Toronto Area. Michael Schmidt’s raw milk blue bus was there as usual, along with representatives from Cow Share Canada. The weather was perfect for this year’s Feast of Fields, which took place yesterday at Cold Creek Conservation Area near Bolton Ontario:

A beautiful display table flanked by the latest incarnation of "the blue bus", at Feast of Fields.

In spite of no raw milk samples being handed out, the blue bus attracted considerable interest.

The blue bus made a fitting backdrop for scenes of pastoral langour such as this.

Many of the exhibitors were set up in tents and distributed samples of prepared foods.

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One response to “Michael Schmidt’s Glencolton Farms, Cow Share Canada, at Feast of Fields

  1. It is beautiful to see all of this peacefulness. Still, we need some people with true grit and a Patton like leadership coupled with Ghandi like qualities to squash the bastards who take away our food freedoms. This blog and others need to get to social entrepreneurs who will deliver. Good business people. This all needs to be advertised in the mainstream. Most people who read this blog and others like it are not aware of the news and this organization and thought. They are trapped in a bubble. Our advice now is this; get this more to the public forum where social entrepreneurs reside. Put it on a Billboard. Do anything, but get it out in the open. Imagine; if this is ranked #40 on the nation’s food safety Blogs, then this means the men and women with the money, guts, and interests to help make this movement work are in the dark, still. If you want any ideas about how to do something with this, we have one resolve that is entrepreneurial and will put love and money in your life. You know what that is? Start a Milkman/Milk Lady business. deliver farm fresh foods and raw milk direct to the consumer. You can call us for advice if you want. Call us at 203.426.7141. The Milkman Company. at this point, I do not care if they know who I am. I am fed up with the whole bunch. Corrupt business and stupid corrupt governments all over the world. They are all like cancer. They can only survive in an acidic environment. They hate and cannot stand alkalinity. Our right to eat healthy foods. Take my word for it. There are affluent communities all over the country, even not affluent communities all over; who are all ready and willing to take home delivery of farm fresh foods. Buy these foods direct and help farming. You help small farms and the system become less corrupt. It is that simple.

    Milkmen USA

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