Which potato would you rather eat?


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2 responses to “Which potato would you rather eat?

  1. Adults today are victims of bud nip and other poisons. All we can do now is detoxify, neutralize, purify, and go organic as much as we can to reduce the damage to our cells. The children of today are also in trouble, but they have a chance if we help them.

    Question: How can big business and commercial food corporations and others sanction chemicals and GMO’s and more? And how can they do this to children? Even their own?

    Answer: They are stupid and or greedy. They are bastards and they need to be stopped.

    Band together. Unite. And the next time they come knocking on your door, you make one phone call, gather up your friends and have them meet these bastards at your front door. Then see what happens. If you watched the Film Farmageddon and so many others like it, you better realize that the only power they have is their “Police Power.” Take that away from them and they have nothing because they are nobody. Be ready with your community to stand against them with a wall. Remember, there are more of us than there are of them. Have your emergency response teams ready to go. Our are.

    Milkmen USA

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