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Michael Schmidt’s countdown — three days to go to a verdict on the Crown’s appeal of Jan 2010 raw milk acquittal

Three days to go -- In this picture we see four happy brothers all raised on raw milk. From left William with Florian, who is now a medical doctor in Germany. Markus now running the day to day operation at Glencolton Farms and a always happy Oliver screaming in my ear; Papa you will win!!!!!!! Just listen to your kids instead to the Government.

There is a real sense of anticipation what the outcome will be of this appeal. Across North America raw milk advocates are getting excited to either celebrate another victory or jump with renewed determination into the battle to defend their farmers to protect their food.

I came to the most obvious conclusion having battled this for almost 18 years that — WE ARE AT THE POINT OF NO RETURN. Continue reading


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Canadian Medical Association slams alternative medicine proposal — CBC

From Mark Gollom at CBC news:

“Some medical groups are concerned that proposed guidelines on how Ontario doctors should approach alternative medicine may require physicians to accept and incorporate the practice.

“We believe the draft policy should be revised to sharpen its focus, and should respect the conviction of many physicians and clinical researchers, that [alternative medicine] has minimal scientific validity and that recommending it to patients achieves no clinical purpose and may be unethical,” the Canadian Medical Association says in a written letter to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO). Continue reading

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