Michael Schmidt’s countdown — three days to go to a verdict on the Crown’s appeal of Jan 2010 raw milk acquittal

Three days to go -- In this picture we see four happy brothers all raised on raw milk. From left William with Florian, who is now a medical doctor in Germany. Markus now running the day to day operation at Glencolton Farms and a always happy Oliver screaming in my ear; Papa you will win!!!!!!! Just listen to your kids instead to the Government.

There is a real sense of anticipation what the outcome will be of this appeal. Across North America raw milk advocates are getting excited to either celebrate another victory or jump with renewed determination into the battle to defend their farmers to protect their food.

I came to the most obvious conclusion having battled this for almost 18 years that — WE ARE AT THE POINT OF NO RETURN.

I cannot help but reflect on the last 5 years gone by dominated by uncertainty, growing consumer awareness, rebellious determination and outrage.

There is the past

There is the present

The is the future

Three realities to ponder while Justice Tetley puts his finishing touches on a ruling that concerns thousands of well educated people and scares my other friends, the Dairy Farmers of Ontario DFO and the Dairy Farmers of Canada.

What IF Tetley rules in support of our inherent and fundamental right to chose what we can and should be allowed to put into our bodies.

His ruling will no doubt effect many. It might empower or paralyze health inspectors who are dying to exercise their right to help us to protect us from ourselves.

Oh yes I forgot we need the state to control us in order to be a good Government. I forgot that we are not allowed to think for ourselves. I also forgot that we need to protect our 4000 dairy farmers and sacrifice our own needs to selflessly give up our own needs for the sale of corporate Canada.

I keep looking into the eyes of my two youngest children and reflect on the responsibility we have to nourish them into the future.

Never sick, full of energy, happy to see the  sun in the morning and happy to go to bed. They no doubt will make sure that they will ingest the proper amount of dirt and many many glasses of raw milk. What’s wrong with those civil servants not getting the point that there are no worries as it comes to choosing your own food.

Yes there are no worries for them that children get bombarded with sugar, with GMO’s, with TV, with video games, with violent movies, with immunization needles.

Three days to go.

We will for sure know if the battle continues or if common sense prevailed.

As I said before; I am ready for any scenario because I know where I need to go.

Free the farmer

Free the children

Free your will to defend the sacred right of self determination




Not a bad threefold idea which culminated in the threefold social order by Steiner, all in search for a better world.

Do we have a better world???????

Not Yet!!!!!

1.) Stop sleeping

2.) Wake up

3.) Get to work, there is lots to do.

Another interesting element of the number three is the following exercise;

Go to google and search the following images:

1. Justice Boswell.

This is the judge who convicted me to 55,000 dollars for contempt of court despite the fact that no court had determined yet if cow sharing is legal or not.

2. Justice Kowarsky

The courageous judge who ruled cow sharing in Ontario legal

3.) Justice Tetley

The appeals judge who might render his decision in three days

Let me know what all of them unites after you viewed the images.

Good luck



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3 responses to “Michael Schmidt’s countdown — three days to go to a verdict on the Crown’s appeal of Jan 2010 raw milk acquittal

  1. Bernie Bailey

    Good luck Michael I am still following this and we will speak again soon


  2. Melanie

    Thanks Michael, for continuing to fight for our freedom. I have 5 small children that I am responsible for nourishing. We are praying and watching and supporting you.

  3. George Affleck

    The return to, and promotion of, vibrant family farms, strong rural communities, and healthy ecosystems is essential to our survival as humans. It is becoming clear that the ultimate result of the manipulation of nature for controlled profit is an out-of-control and over-burdened health care system and mega-profiteering by the drug companies. This realization is happening at the grass roots level, individual by individual, as each of us shake off the dream that government intervention can and will save us from ourselves.

    For the uninitiated this is strange and uncharted territory. For some, who can remember, or even those who have been educated at grandfather’s knee, it is a tried and true way of life; one that is now an endangered species. For a select few, like Michael and others, it is a truth that is self-evident and a worthwhile cause that must be tirelessly championed.

    For me it is all those things but more importantly it is a struggle to regain and retain the right to freedom which is slowly, imperceptibly, being eroded. Said Edmund Burke, “The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion”. The delusion that we have believed is that our representative government will always seek, above all, our welfare, both collectively and individually. But history teaches us that, without opposition, it will seek to satisfy only its insatiable hunger for control, usually at the expense of individual liberty.

    As it turns out, our apathy, along with our neighbour’s apathy and his neighbour’s apathy, when it’s all totaled, is the fuel that drives the machine that can, if unchecked, slowly grind our rights into repression.

    The fight for the right to put into our own bodies what we, ourselves, deem to be best for us is being led by only a ‘few good men’ *. Michael Schmidt is one of them. We are all bettered by his leadership, advice and friendship – something we cannot say often of many.

    The picture above reminds me that we are all members of an extended family. I want to encourage each reader of this comment to find something, however small, they can do to positively support Michael, his family, the farm, and their efforts on our behalf. We can all do something more. Who will begin?

    George Affleck
    (A beneficiary of the Glencolton legacy)

    * few good men – fig. of speech only

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