Appeal verdict decision in Michael Schmidt raw milk case postponed til “sometime next week”

That’s according to an email from Michael’s lawyer, Karen Selick at 1:54 pm Thursday Sept. 15, 2011.

Child drinks milk direct from a cow in Cambodia. Photo via Michael Schmidt.

Here’s what she wrote:

“We have just been informed by the court that the Schmidt decision will not be ready to be released on September 16, but will probably be ready some time in the following week.  Please notify all those who are waiting with interest for this judgement. “


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4 responses to “Appeal verdict decision in Michael Schmidt raw milk case postponed til “sometime next week”

  1. Sandy

    How much longer could they possibly make the man wait? Lets get on with it for Pete’s sake! Come on Judge.

  2. Judith McGill

    Are you kidding! what is the matter

  3. Hmmm… could this be the equivalent of a “hung jury?” Perhaps the judge is severely conflicted, and wants to really beef up his decision with references and precedent?

    Or perhaps I’m reading too much into what is simply too big a work load.

  4. now 5 years since the SWAT raid on Glencoulton farm, and this thing is only up to the second tier of the ( so-called) justice system. Two full years to get to the trial, then a year whilst the JP considered the matter, then a year and a half since the appeal. In wonderful Canuck-istan, people are convicted of murder, and back out on the street in less time than the idiots in high places have taken to figure out that the right to use and enjoy private property is the anti-dote to communism
    what’s really going on behind the scenes is that the bribe didn’t arrive on time … and before the perpetual grumbler chimes-in about how unfair accusation is = bear in mind what Mr McGuinty and his lovely wife are busying themselves with, lately … there’s more than one way to convey a bribe = a contribution to a political party is the ‘third rail of politics’
    but not to worry : The Campaign for REAL MILK is an idea whose time has come … so the dinosaurs who refuse to de-Stalin-ize can stew in their own juices, but they, won’t stop it.
    Praise God! = the REAL MILK continues to flow in this land of milk & honey = America = which means “The Kingdom of Heaven” in the language of the Goths

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