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Raw milk and the government: here’s how “a few heroes are showing the way”

From David E. Gumpert on the Complete Patient blog:

“I saw Kristin Candy’s documentary “Farmageddon” last Friday, when it opened in Boston (including having the privilege of introducing the producer to the film audience). Even though I knew about all the cases of hit-upon farmers and food clubs, a few pictures are sometimes worth a few thousand words, and in that vein, two scenes stick most vividly in my mind.

The first is the video of Georgia consumers pouring out in a farm field the raw milk they had already purchased, under the watchful eyes of agents from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Georgia Department of Agriculture. Even though I’ve seen the photos and video before, seeing the dozens of consumers meekly acquiesce to the orders to dispose of their good food was still upsetting to me–a totally humiliating experience for the victims. Continue reading


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Resisting the corporate theft of seeds

From Vandana Shiva in The Nation:

President Barack Obama's administration has been investigating monopoly concentration in the seed business for over two years. But when the President spoke on the steps of the Seed Savers Exchange, an independent seed company, he didn't mention that inquiry once. Nor did he talk about business concentration in other areas of agriculture, despite hearings held by his Department of Justice all over rural America. Photo: The White House. The photo relates to the second story in this post.

“We are in a food emergency. Speculation and diversion of food to biofuel has contributed to an uncontrolled price rise, adding more to the billion already denied their right to food. Industrial agriculture is pushing species to extinction through the use of toxic chemicals that kill our bees and butterflies, our earthworms and soil organisms that create soil fertility. Plant and animal varieties are disappearing as monocultures displace biodiversity. Industrial, globalized agriculture is responsible for 40 percent of greenhouse gases, which then destabilize agriculture by causing climate chaos, creating new threats to food security. Continue reading


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