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Disbelief in Amerika over no food rights

From Kristen M. on Food Renegade:

Drinking milk from your family cow not a right in 21st century Amerika?. Photo via Food Renegade

You grow a garden; you expect to be able to harvest the food from that garden and eat it. You raise a cow; you expect to be able to milk that cow and consume the milk. You raise chickens; you expect to gather eggs and eat them. It’s uncomplicated, simple, a fundamental right. Perhaps you wouldn’t feel this way if you lived under some other form of government, but here, now, in America and other democratized countries, this is what you expect. Continue reading


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Will the verdict on the province’s appeal of Michael Schmidt’s January 2010 raw milk acquittal be announced today?

Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt

Well, that “next week” in which we were to hear the outcome of the province’s appeal of Michael Schmidt’s raw milk acquittal is nearly over. Will we in fact hear today? Or will it be postponed further into the future? The suspense is building.

The publication of the appeal ruling has already been postponed twice. The first time it was postponed to September 16th, and most recently til “sometime next week”. And now that’s this week.

No court appearance was requested for purposes of hearing the ruling. It remains unclear just how the ruling will be delivered, whether by email, fax, phone, courier, or personal messenger. Continue reading


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