Will the verdict on the province’s appeal of Michael Schmidt’s January 2010 raw milk acquittal be announced today?

Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt

Well, that “next week” in which we were to hear the outcome of the province’s appeal of Michael Schmidt’s raw milk acquittal is nearly over. Will we in fact hear today? Or will it be postponed further into the future? The suspense is building.

The publication of the appeal ruling has already been postponed twice. The first time it was postponed to September 16th, and most recently til “sometime next week”. And now that’s this week.

No court appearance was requested for purposes of hearing the ruling. It remains unclear just how the ruling will be delivered, whether by email, fax, phone, courier, or personal messenger.

But as soon as we on The Bovine hear news of the results, you can be sure we will be sharing it with our readers. So check back later in the day. We may have important news.

Either way the ruling goes, it will be significant for the health of people in Ontario, and for that matter, right across Canada. And no doubt this case is also being closely watched by raw milk advocates and regulators south of the border.

Justice Kowarsky made history with his landmark ruling in January 201o. Will this appeal ruling attempt to turn back the clock on that, or will it take us into the future? We may know today.


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6 responses to “Will the verdict on the province’s appeal of Michael Schmidt’s January 2010 raw milk acquittal be announced today?

  1. Beverley Viljakainen

    What a fiasco! The games the would-be powers-that-be do play!

  2. thebovine

    Nearly 2 pm and still no word from the judge?

  3. Gordon S Watson

    I’ll bet a FIVE DOLLAR silver Maple Leaf coin – as issued by the Royal Mint of Canada – that we won’t see a ruling handed down on this thing ’til after the provincial general election in Ontari-ari-Oh = October 6th

    proof that it’s as political as it gets … the raw milk controversy is not about ‘public health’ and it never was. It’s about the embarrassment to the dairy cartel, being exposed for putting out a product which they knew all along was not only a debased remainder of the real thing, but is the cause of certain illnesses
    this week, a front-page story in the Vancouver Sun newspaper, was, scientists claiming to have found evidence that de-formed proteins ( prions) may be a cause of Multiple Sclerosis. “De-formed proteins”? such as what milk protein looks like after being cooked, also called “Pasteur-ization”?!
    the judge’s decision will be handed down so as to be buried in the media tsunami of the election results

  4. Michael Schmidt

    I guess there is always another week

  5. thebovine

    Maybe they sent the notification by Canada Post! LOL!

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