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Quashing raw milk goes badly in WI

From 3 Wheeled Cheese:

“A decision by a Dane County judge to block a northeastern Wisconsin farm from selling raw milk might have reignited a longstanding debate over free taste and health safety. Continue reading


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The week ends with no word on the outcome of the province’s appeal of Michael Schmidt’s raw milk acquittal

The prospect of Michael Schmidt talking to the media about raw milk legalities just days before the election may be a wild card the McGuinty government would rather not deal with.

Is this a case of “no news is good news”? Is this evidence to support commenters’ assertion that the verdict would be politically polarizing, and that votes could be lost either way the judge decides? We do know that already back in 2006, the McGuinty government decided not to support a private members bill that asked for more study on the raw milk question.

And we do know that lobbyists for the Dairy Farmers of Ontario seemed to have something to do with it. Rumor was that the DFO promised their members support in the next election (that’s now) if McGuinty would uphold the existing prohibition against the competing raw milk product. DFO farmers had of course been losing market share for some time, due probably to increasing numbers of people diagnosed with supposed “lactose intolerance”, who found they felt better if they’d just cut dairy out of their diets altogether. Continue reading


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Monsanto GMO sweet corn to be sold directly to an unsuspecting public

From Ariel Schwartz, on Fast Company:

There is genetically modified produce in a lot of the processed food you eat, but this is the first time that Monsanto is taking fresh GM produce from the ground straight to your mouth. If it works out, there will be plenty more.

Monsanto, the world’s largest seed company, is known for developing engineered crops (i.e. corn and soybeans) that end up in many of the food products found on grocery store aisles, as well as in fibers and animal feed. Up until now, the company’s GM crops have only been available in processed foods–in other words, in little bits and pieces. But now Monsanto is making a move into the consumer market with GM sweet corn, which will be found in a supermarket produce bin or farmer’s market near you starting this fall. Continue reading


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