Quashing raw milk goes badly in WI

From 3 Wheeled Cheese:

“A decision by a Dane County judge to block a northeastern Wisconsin farm from selling raw milk might have reignited a longstanding debate over free taste and health safety.

Kay and Wayne Craig, owners of Grassway Farm in Calumet County, had sued a state department after it shut down a membership program established for the farm’s customers. The Craigs created the memberships so customers would become part-owners of the farm, claiming that complied with a state law that a farm’s owners could legally drink unpasteurized milk from their own cows.

The state Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection ended the farm’s plan because it allowed a regular base of customers to buy raw milk, which is illegal.

DATCP officials said that state law wasn’t meant to extend to dozens of farm members and the judge agreed, WISC-TV reported.

“This would be like saying that, if I joined Costco or Sam’s Club, Sam’s doesn’t have to follow the rules either because I willingly signed up and paid my fee,” DATCP administrator Steve Ingham said.

Only dairy producers, family, employees or incidental consumers can buy raw milk in Wisconsin. The prohibitions against large-scale operations exist because pathogens in unpasteurized milk are unsafe, Ingham said.

“People often say, ‘There’s a lot of stuff riskier than unpasteurized milk,’” he said. “Well, if it’s your kid getting sick, you don’t care about how many people are getting sick or hurt from other things, you care about your kid.”

Raw milk’s supporters counter that its health benefits outweigh possible side effects.

Dairy farmers’ families have consumed unpasteurized milk for decades, and they’re not unhealthy, said state Sen. Glenn Grothman, R-West Bend. Grothman has sponsored a bill, co-sponsored by other state Senate Republicans, to legalize most raw milk sales from licensed producers.

“It’s an archaic law,” he said. “I think we can look forward to the day, hopefully this time next year, where everything can be above board.”…”

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2 responses to “Quashing raw milk goes badly in WI

  1. aed939

    Ingham is right in this case. While they would have had a case if it were a bona fide herdshare, this is not a herdshare. They are still selling the milk. Even though they are part owners of the farm, they are still purchasing the milk. They need to do a weekly boarding fee. It is not just a technical difference. A boarding fee is a weekly fee and does not vary depending on how much milk you receive. Since the members were still purchasing the milk on a per-unit basis, on demand, that establishes it as a public market for raw milk (in commerce), and that establishes the DATCP’s jurisdiction to regulate or prohibit.

  2. bette

    I agree with aed939 because they did break current laws regarding sale of raw milk. I support the freedom to drink raw milk myself. I support changing the law to allow for the purchase of raw milk from a farmer. I also support the herd share programs.

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