The week ends with no word on the outcome of the province’s appeal of Michael Schmidt’s raw milk acquittal

The prospect of Michael Schmidt talking to the media about raw milk legalities just days before the election may be a wild card the McGuinty government would rather not deal with.

Is this a case of “no news is good news”? Is this evidence to support commenters’ assertion that the verdict would be politically polarizing, and that votes could be lost either way the judge decides? We do know that already back in 2006, the McGuinty government decided not to support a private members bill that asked for more study on the raw milk question.

And we do know that lobbyists for the Dairy Farmers of Ontario seemed to have something to do with it. Rumor was that the DFO promised their members support in the next election (that’s now) if McGuinty would uphold the existing prohibition against the competing raw milk product. DFO farmers had of course been losing market share for some time, due probably to increasing numbers of people diagnosed with supposed “lactose intolerance”, who found they felt better if they’d just cut dairy out of their diets altogether.

However, if the judge would rule before the election against Michael Schmidt and in favour of the province’s appeal, that could result in some lost votes as well, from the legions of those who support raw milk choice. I believe we earlier reported that such people made up some 70% of the electorate according to a poll. So there’s lots to lose either way. Of course these political considerations may not be affecting the delay at all, and we may simply be spinning conspiracy theories where no conspiracy exists.

Perhaps some things will become clearer over the next few months.



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6 responses to “The week ends with no word on the outcome of the province’s appeal of Michael Schmidt’s raw milk acquittal

  1. nedlud

    Politics and ‘gaming’ people’s lives: I absolutely despise milk inspectors, I milked cows for 30 years. When we had an inspector that was decent and ‘human’ that was rarity…

    One we had, that was almost human and that I could almost get along with, was reported to have quit when he tried to suspend a giant dairy for violations and his own supervisor–the next tier up in the bureaucratic hierarchy–ordered him not to.

    And so it goes.

    The rich get richer and poor get poorer.

    Peace on earth, everybody.


  2. Gordon S Watson

    Attorneys General in Canada, and the US dept of Justice prosecute charges of conspiracy, every day.
    If it’s a given that human beings do agree to do things which they know are wrong, at street level, then it’s no stretch to allege that criminal conspiracies certainly do go on at the highest echelons. Human nature does not change … just because there’s more zeroes in the payoffs

    out here in BC, I have hard-copy proof that, while the govt. was shutting us out from consultation to do with imposition of the regulation outlawing raw milk for human consumption,. lobbyists of the Dairy Farmers of Canada were entertained. Such being the actus reus of the offence of “abuse of dominance”, contrary to the Competition Act RSC
    If you want a cute example of how things are done at the very top, phone lawyer George Wool, in Hundred Mile BC. Way back when he was an RCMP officer in the Yukon, he had a tape recording from a phone tap, of a sitting MP calling a judge to direct how a certain case was to be decided. With Billion$$ – that’s with a capital “B”: – at stake, why wouldn’t the same thing be going on in the Schmidt matter?

  3. Level Headed

    From the previous Bovine article,
    “The publication of the appeal ruling has already been postponed twice. The first time it was postponed to September 16th, and most recently til ‘sometime next week’. And now that’s this week.”
    “No court appearance was requested for purposes of hearing the ruling. It remains unclear just how the ruling will be delivered…”

    So the court postpones it twice, and then it fails to deliver on it’s final promise, and even worse it fails to issue a statement about a third postponement and give a new date. Raw milk or not, it sure makes you question the integrity of our legal system. Somewhat childish don’t you think? And it likely doesn’t serve to increase the people’s trust in the legal process overall, milk or no milk.

  4. Level Headed

    Reading the latest post on The Bovine, Ms. Selick, “has been promised that she will receive by fax, Justice Tetley’s decision on the Province of Ontario’s appeal of Michael’s January 2010 acquittal.”
    Here’s hoping for a positive decision, but also that they at least keep their word and deliver it on Tues Sept 27.
    Does anybody know who in particular promised the fax to Ms. Selick?

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