Fear and loathing in the dairy industry

David E. Gumpert reveals why those dairy industry types have their knickers in a knot over raw milk. From the Complete Patient blog:

“Why does the dairy industry push the U.S. Food and Drug Administration so hard to crack down on raw dairy producers?

The dairy industry seems to be mostly in the background, and any publicly-offered reasoning is always to the effect that illnesses from raw dairy taint the entire dairy industry. Of course, we know that is ridiculous, since fear of raw dairy wouldn’t taint the dairy industry, but rather push more of the market toward pasteurized dairy…if there was a serious risk from raw dairy. The problem with the dairy industry’s rationalizing is that there isn’t a serious public health risk from raw milk. 

Tthe owner of a dairy product business explained the realities to me recently. This man owns a company that produces specialty ice cream products that it sells to grocery stores, and the owner has dealt with large dairy processors, regulators, grocery chain managers, and others in the food chain.

He says the real concern of the dairy industry has to do with losing market share. Consumption of pasteurized dairy has been gradually declining over the last decade.

Add to that problem growing consumption of raw milk. (It’s uncertain how many of the consumers who abandon pasteurized milk turn to raw milk.)

But because of the dairy industry’s huge investment in plant and equipment, and the necessity of keeping its big processing plants humming 24/7, it can’t afford to lose customers.

What’s the big concern about a bunch of pasteurizers? It turns out that the processing of dairy products has become increasingly involved and complex as additional processing has been added so as to standardize products and extract as much in the way of additional products as possible. It’s gone way beyond a bunch of pasteurizers.

This article in Grist helps explain what occurs, and adds to the incisive explanation on fractioning of milk offered a few months back by Steve Bemis at the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund site….”

Read it all on the Complete Patient blog.

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  1. If you go to the Grist article, please do not feed the vegan trolls, unlike my example. SkyHunter will box you into a corner with all sorts of ridiculous pseudo-facts (well documented by pseudo-authorities, of course), and then start taunting you with name-calling and such.

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