More than one million glasses of raw milk; appeal verdict announcement and news conference Tues. Sept. 27, 4 pm

I can haz raw milk verdict, finally!

Tomorrow, Tuesday Sept. 27th, at 4 pm, Michael Schmidt’s lawyer, Karen Selick, has been promised that she will receive by fax, Justice Tetley’s decision on the Province of Ontario’s appeal of Michael’s January 2010 acquittal.

To help spread the word, whichever way the verdict goes, Michael Schmidt will be holding a news conference, also at 4 pm Tuesday, at the blue bus, in the parking lot of the Christian Community church at 901 Rutherford Road, in Vaughan, where farm share members have been coming for years now to collect their milk on Tuesday afternoons. Cowshare members are invited to be there for the occasion and to share their stories with any media folk who might be taking time off from the election to cover this story.

At a recent farm share members meeting Michael estimated that each week about 500 people share 700 liters of Glencolton Farms raw milk. Even just since the raid on his farm in November 2006, the farm has provided an estimated 500,000 servings of raw milk. That’s based on 500 people X 4 servings per week X 5 yrs X 52 wks = 520,000, less two months worth: 500 x 4 x 8 = 16,000 (for October and November, the raid was in late November. This is now late September). So that’s half a million servings over 5 years, with no reported ill effects or sickness.

Of course that’s just since the raid in 2006. The raw milk cowhare thing was already going strong since 1992, a couple of years before the first milk war in 1994, and continued on from then. Numbers of cowshare drinkers have increased somewhat in recent years, so if we take a conservatively reduced average of 300 raw milk drinkers X 4 servings (also conservative) X 14 yrs (1992-2006) X 52 wks, that equals 873,600. So add that to 500,000, and we’ve got well over a million servings, in fact 1, 373,600 servings of raw milk with no reported illnesses resulting. And in fact with many reported positive benefits. Now to be sure, those are anecdotal. But still, it’s a pretty large ongoing experiment in raw milk effects on human health. And those hundreds of Ontario raw milk drinkers, those experimental subjects, have already drawn their own conclusions and decided their own verdict.


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3 responses to “More than one million glasses of raw milk; appeal verdict announcement and news conference Tues. Sept. 27, 4 pm

  1. thebovine

    Dairy industry people may be looking at those number and thinking in terms of lost market share; but that share was lost long before raw milk was available. Now my guess is that many of these people would still be choosing not to drink supermarket processed milk if raw milk were unavailable.

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  3. Sib

    As many cow share members as possible should try and make it to the news conference to support Michael Schmidt and all other raw milk farmers who work so hard to make sure that people receive this real, nutritious milk from their cows — to clarify, the cow share members’ cows. May raw reason and the right to choose prevail.

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