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Raw milk news conference at the blue bus at 4:00 pm Tuesday in Thornhill

Michael Schmidt and his cowshare members raise a toast to food freedom at today's news conference at the blue bus where the members come to get their milk on Tuesdays in Thornhill.

With news of the postponement of the announcement of the verdict being given just an hour and 40 minutes ahead of the time for which the verdict was promised, there wasn’t time to reschedule the planned news conference. Although notice of the change in date of the announcement was sent out to media in advance of the event, several reporters and photographers showed up anyway and listened to Michael Schmidt’s state of the raw milk address. Continue reading


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Announcement of Michael Schmidt raw milk appeal ruling postponed yet again

Lawyer Karen Selick with raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt during a visit to Glencolton Farms earlier this summer

Michael Schmidt’s lawyer Karen Selick received an email date stamped 2:23 pm today from a secretary at the Ontario Court of Justice, the same person who has been keeping us informed of the previous postponements, saying that the announcement of the verdict will be postponed until sometime tomorrow, due to computer problems.

Michael will still be there at the blue bus this afternoon at 4 pm, the time scheduled for release of the verdict and also the time scheduled for the news conference, to talk to any reporters who show up. Meanwhile Karen is in the process of sending out updates to media contacts who were invited to the event. Continue reading


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