Announcement of Michael Schmidt raw milk appeal ruling postponed yet again

Lawyer Karen Selick with raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt during a visit to Glencolton Farms earlier this summer

Michael Schmidt’s lawyer Karen Selick received an email date stamped 2:23 pm today from a secretary at the Ontario Court of Justice, the same person who has been keeping us informed of the previous postponements, saying that the announcement of the verdict will be postponed until sometime tomorrow, due to computer problems.

Michael will still be there at the blue bus this afternoon at 4 pm, the time scheduled for release of the verdict and also the time scheduled for the news conference, to talk to any reporters who show up. Meanwhile Karen is in the process of sending out updates to media contacts who were invited to the event.

This is the fourth time that the announcement has been posponed. It was originally expected in the summer, mid July. Then it was postponed until Sept. 16th, then until sometime the following week, and then until today at 4 pm and now, until sometime tomorrow. Either the court’s stories of computer problems are true (the notification was by email) or someone up there is skittish about releasing the verdict.

Will we know tomorrow? Or will we just know when it’s being postponed to next?

Here’s the text of Karen Selick’s notification, sent out just minutes ago:

Court Delays Raw Milk Decision – Again

The following e-mail was received by CCF litigation director Karen Selick at 2:23 p.m. on Tuesday, September 27:

“Unfortunately our computers were down for the afternoon yesterday and

this judgment will not be released until tomorrow.  Justice Tetley would

like to thank you all for your patience.

“Yours truly,

“(Name deleted)

“Judicial Secretary

“Ontario Court of Justice

“50 Eagle St. West

“Newmarket, Ontario L3Y 6B1”

The CCF will continue to keep media informed when we receive the decision or any further news.

– 30 –

For more information, contact:

Karen Selick, Litigation Director, Canadian Constitution Foundation”


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5 responses to “Announcement of Michael Schmidt raw milk appeal ruling postponed yet again

  1. Tiny

    Possibly they are concerned on how to handle this Appeal. On one hand, the Government could face a Flare Divide like they did in Wisconsin last week where Senator Glenn Grothman had to step in, or instead of Not having to face this continuing Raw Milk Challenge, and just work with the people involved and allow the ruling of Raw Milk Sales through Licensed Milk Producers.
    It’s Not like we are asking permission to Consume Addicting Products, such a Marijuana.

  2. I smell a rat. I just hope its our own pet rat.

  3. Douglas J. MacLean

    This dispicable Charter of Rights Violating Premier has a leadership debate tonight. This is a HOT HOT Issues. .. since this government knows they have trampled and continue to trample Charter Rights, not the least of which was the G20 nightmare of criminal arrests of peaceful protestors and by-standards. This government deserves to be voted OUT for Rights violations alone.

  4. Tiny

    Hello Jan, I hope you don’t think that I’m a Rat, I’m just tired of Health Inspectors getting their Jollies by Tormenting Farmers. I do value your concern.

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