Court convicts raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt on appeal — the Toronto Sun

From Terry Davidson, in the Toronto Sun:

Dairy farmer Michael Schmidt has been convicted by an appeal court of selling unpasteurized milk to the general public after being exonerated last year. (Toronto Sun files)

“A controversial and defiant dairy farmer north of Toronto has been convicted on multiple counts of selling raw milk to his customers.

Michael Schmidt, who has been fighting a battle to deal in unpasteurized milk at his Grey County farm ever since it was raided by government officials in 2006, was convicted on 15 of 19 charges after the Ontario Court of Justice reversed a lower court decision to acquit him last year.

Shortly after Schmidt’s acquittal, the province and the Grey Bruce health unit appealed the decision.

Justice Peter Tetley on Wednesday rejected Schmidt’s argument that selling raw milk to customers who are aware of any health risks was his legal right.

Schmidt, who was convicted of contempt of court in 2008 for continuing to deal in raw milk after being ordered not to while he stood trial for the 2006 charges, remained defiant Wednesday after hearing the verdict.

“I feel sad (and) disappointed that this is what might spark a real resistance against industrial food production,” said Schmidt, who has long touted the health benefits of raw milk. “We have recalls and recalls and recalls of government (inspected) food. And here, there has never been a case of someone getting sick or dying.”

Schmidt also said he will appeal this decision and said he’d continue to deal in raw milk — even if it means going to prison.

“There’s no stopping,” he said. “Nothing will stop me. If (going to prison) is necessary to wake people up, then that’s what has to happen.”…”

Read it all in the Toronto Sun.


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8 responses to “Court convicts raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt on appeal — the Toronto Sun

  1. thebovine

    It seems this writer fails to grasp the subtleties in the case. All this talk about selling and customers is clearly mistaken. But they say no publicity is bad publicity.

  2. CM

    I’ll be dead before any gov’t sack of shit or court tells me what I can or can not put in my body. Keep the faith Michael. We must stand on our unalienable rights, and NEVER let a public servant take them away. To prison if need be, we must effect change in the courts, so I hope this gets argued properly in the supreme court of Canada!!!

    • thebovine

      CM, I understand your concerns and passion, but let’s not denigrate the “players” on the other “team”. They’re just doing their jobs in accordance with what they think life is about. Of course that’s really a big part of the problem, that more people don’t think for themselves. But I guess we have to accept that many people aren’t “there” yet, and focus our efforts on the things we have the power to change. Encountering free thinkers may help open their minds, like in the movie “The Lives of Others”.

      The political sphere has typically been all about demanding that others change, and that does have some validity. But in a deeper sense, like the monk, who’s bought a hot dog from a street vendor, we ultimately need to recognize that “change must come from within”.

  3. I guess we were all expecting this although there was always a hope in my heart that things would go differently. This is really sad. I wonder if they are gonna stop people from eating cantaloupe next?

  4. nedlud

    The venerable, peaceful monk symbol, whether he’s bought a hotdog or not, is vastly overused. Usually it is used by people who are comfortable, yet frightened, yet wish to remain comfortable….

  5. Wisevirgin

    All this farmer had to do was get the judge to admit that he was under oath and ask the judge if he was above the LORD God and the Bible? Because in the bible raw milk is a religion and a right. The law of the land (common law) is biblically-based. It greives me to read this decision.

  6. Twitter Singledad1234

    we are trying to raise the money for 130 k
    and we will be raising food selling garden vegetables
    and we drink raw milk all the time
    canada and the usa are free countries with FREE PEOPLE
    stand up and put this JERKS IN THEIR PLACE
    or FIRE THEM

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